Monday, July 2, 2012

Rupert Murdoch Warns Romney to Step Up or Lose Election


News Corp. chief executive Rupert Murdoch used Twitter on Sunday to share some advice with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney: Drop the “old friends” from your campaign and hire “some real pros.”

Murdoch’s advice to Romney appeared to be aimed at the candidate’s reputation for relying heavily on a small circle long-time advisers, some of whom have little experience in presidential politics.

Romney’s confidants include family members and others whom he has known for many years, such as communications specialist Eric Fehrnstrom, fund-raiser Spencer Zwick, campaign manager Matt Rhoades, and adviser Beth Myers, who is leading the vice presidential search.

From Buzzfeed
The chairman of News Corp., who gave maximum contributions to Hillary Clinton in 2007 and John McCain in 2008, has not given a dime to either of Romney’s presidential campaigns. His cherished New York Post has taken unexpected shots at the Republican. Allies say he was simply giving public voice to concerns about Romney's politics and policy that are common knowledge in his circle.

“He and others in business world don't think [Romney] can win,” a Murdoch confidant said Sunday. “They also don't think he is authentic. They want [Obama] out, but Mitt does not present a compelling alternative.”

. . . People close to Murdoch say the media baron has expressed disdain for what he sees as weakness — a quality that emerges, in particular, where Romney has sought to project strength to the conservative Republican base. Murdoch is a rare hybrid, an old-fashioned Chamber of Commerce Republican armed with the brass knuckles of any Tea Party brawler.



Looks like Rmoney has angered emperor Palpatine.
~ comment by Dave on CNN

This is useful advice, coming from an old flatulent billionaire, one to another.
~ comment by Smako on CNN

Murdoch should stick to what he knows best.....illegal wiretapping and fake news.
~ comment by Mike on CNN

Just a ploy to get the base worked up and fired up to work hard to elect Mr. Roboto. Lord help us all.
~ comment by SithWillRiseAgain on Huff Post

That ought to pop out the wallets of the right wing donor community.
~ comment by Dhefu on Huff Post

"Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people."
This is typically what I think about conservatives.
~ comment by Al91206 on Huff Post

Mitt needs a whole new Mitt.
~ comment by Jim Steinberg on Politico

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