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Romney Shambles Day Two: British Press Pounces


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Romney Shambles Day Two: British Press Pounces
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Recap of yesterday in London from the DNC via Daily Kos:

~ Mitt the twit ~ Wannabe US President Romney in Games insult, but David Cameron insists: We’ll show you
Headline on The Sun

THE Republican candidate for the US presidency, Mitt Romney, appears to be something of a wind-up merchant where Britain is concerned.
He has seen fit to question Britain’s readiness to stage the 2012 Olympics, and expressed doubt about whether the British people will truly embrace the Games
. . . We know there are those who hope Britain fails to deliver. Indeed, as a nation, we are pretty good at knocking ourselves.
But the scenes which greeted the Olympic torch parade, in every city, town and village, show beyond doubt that the people of Britain will embrace the Games with pride.
Just you watch, Mr Romney.
~ The Northern Echo

How Diana Has Been Baptized a Mormon
~ Headline on the Telegraph UK this morning

Every Olympics is ready, I don't care whatever he [Romney] said. I swear, sometimes I think some Americans shouldn't leave the country. Are you kidding me, stay home if you don't know what to say.
~ American Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Carl Lewis, to the Independent UK

I’m so excited . . . I am thrilled to be here on London for the 2012 Olympic games. I am proud to be leading the U.S. delegation to the opening ceremony.
~ First Lady Michelle Obama upon arriving in London for the Olympic Games

Are you watching Mitt? Michelle Obama gives a fun masterclass in diplomacy
~ Headline in the Standard UK

Rarely has a presidential candidate been so remorselessly ridiculed. On the eve of Britain’s most high-profile event for decades (and its biggest peacetime security operation), Romney has diverted us from the usual complaints about the traffic, the weather, or unavailable tickets, and united the country in celebration of his gaffes.
By comparison, Romney has made our politicians look good: and there should be Olympic medals for that.
~ Peter Jukes on The Daily Beast

We’re not worried about overseas headlines. We’re worried about voters back here at home in America. Gov. Romney has said that he expected the London Olympics to be a phenomenal success. The reality is we’re all rooting for our American athletes. We hope they come back with a bunch of medals, and I’m sure they’re going to be very successful, but the reality is the focus needs to continue to be on the issues that are important to voters back home.
~ Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, defending Romney

It's not good for us as a country -- it's not good for him -- but as a country to have somebody that's nominated by one of the principal parties to go over and insult everybody. . . .
I think I would have thought up this on my own and not [have to rely] on the staff. I would go there and I would say, 'They have done a remarkably good job. I know how they have been hurt with the economy. But they have done this. I have done it myself. It's so hard to do, and they have done a remarkably good job.' That's what they should have done. He would have been cheered and not have the mayor, before 60,000 people, belittle one of our major party nominees. And that's what the mayor did.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

The image is somewhat that he's not ready for prime time. It's London for God's sakes. You have to try to mess up a foreign debut in Great Britain if you're an American candidate for president. It looks terrible. He was a gaffe machine. It wasn't just a single gaffe. Every time he opened his mouth he created another gaffe," he said. "It's late July. The memory of it will be wiped out by the Olympics, the vice-presidential choice and the [Republican] convention. But does it play into the dilemma Americans have in this election? Yes. They're very dissatisfied with President Obama's economic performance but they're not at all sure that Romney's the kind of president that they want or need.
~ Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics

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