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Paula Deen Fired from Food Network Over Racist Remarks

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On Friday June 21, 2013 Paula Deen was supposed to appear on the NBC's Today Show with Matt Lauer but she bugged out:

Later that day she released two separate apology videos. The first was made private after a few minutes probably because people on Twitter mocked the sharp edits and Paula's crazy look - too much make-up and frowsy hair. The second with a more composed Paula Deen was released a few hours later.

Video One:

Video Two:

Not long after that, the Food Network announced they were firing the Chef:

From Variety:
The Food Network has stuck a fork in Paula Deen.

The cable channel dropped the controversial celebrity chef from its programming lineup Friday in the wake of a deposition that recently surfaced in which she is quoted expressing racist sentiments and using the “N” word.
Food Network issued a statement this afternoon: “Food Network will not renew Paula Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of this month.”

Deen has been a star attraction on the cable channel, which is owned by Scripps Networks Interactive, since 1999. She has starred in multiple cooking shows for the network, most recently “Paula’s Best Dishes,” since 2008.
Her primetime perch at Food Network enabled Deen to build a multimedia empire around herself that extended to restaurants, cookbooks and other merchandise.

From US Magazine:
In a statement to CNN released on Friday night, the chef thanked the network for 11 "great years."
"I have had the pleasure of being allowed into so many homes across the country and meeting people who have shared with me the most touching and personal stories," she said. "This would not have been possible without the Food Network. Thank you again. Love and best dishes to all of ya'll."
The apology may be a little too late for the network, which announced Deen's firing early Friday afternoon. On the morning of Saturday, June 22, Deen's scheduled one-hour block of programming was yanked from the channel, with Giada Laurentiis' Giada at Home and Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman being shown instead.


Comments from the Food Network Facebook:

The Food Network Sucks. Holding persons liable for past transgressions is BS. I would watch Paula Dean all day long and not care what she does in her free time. I just want to learn some good cooking.
~ Edatabit BK

Guess its only ok for rappers to use this magic word!!! Way to show blacks are above everyone in America...
~ Richard M.

Cowards.....what happened to freedom of speech? USA is looked upon as pussies. Thanks Obama.... And she said it in 1985 dumbasses!
~ Chris B.

Here we go with the "we are all racists" theme again. I get so tired of being labeled over and over by ignorant people such as yourself. I wasn't raised with the N-word, and don't use it. I admire Paula for offering her apology, and feel that she was very sincere. As a Christian, (not a racist), I have been taught to forgive, and it is for that reason alone, that I have done so with regards to Paula. So stop with the racist bullshit, which, incidently, has been so ratcheted out of control since obama took office, like everything and anything mentioned, even BBQ has been considered racist. Sick of the whole narrative, and if everyone just went back to God, these ridiculous accusations would stop, and they certainly need to.
~ Sherry Lynn

I am shocked at your decision to let Paula go. Where are her first amendment rights, or are you an Obama follower that believes the Constitution no longer applies to the US. I do not know of one person , black, white, red, etc. that has not used a racial slur at some point in their life. The times may have changed and everyone feels they have to tiptoe around, and heaven forbid not offend anyone but Christian's, but you have gone too far. Everyone I know is backing Paula, and the fact that I may not agree with what she has said or done, I defend her right to the death to say whatever she chooses. You need to undo the harm you have done.
~ Sandy S.

Paula Dean has more class than your network will now EVER have! We can have a poor excuse for a president having an affair with an intern, but still be president. We can have an idiot in the White House whose past nobody knows about, yet WOE unto the person who may or may not have said words YEARS ago that you now deem to be "offensive." You will NEVER be part of our television viewing in my house AGAIN!
. . . I don't care if Obama is black. ( Actually, he isn't, he is a half breed.) I would vote for Herman Cain, Allen West, Condoleezza Rice, and other black people ANY day of the week.
Meanwhile, I wonder what group of Americans decided to call everything racist? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm??? I guess when one they call " their own" gets into the White House, they think they can push the rest of us around. Not happening in MY house! Goodbye, Food Network!
~ Connie C.

Obama is outdated farm equipment
~ Mike D.

I'm CHOPPING FOOD NETWORK FOR MY CHANNEL LISTING...Paula Deen made a few mistakes a long time ago...she is being scapegoated in the effort for Food Network to look PC...All this came out due to her being sued when she TOLD THE TRUTH IN A DEPOSITION...The Attorney General of the United States gets up before congress and lies thru his teeth, the Presidents national Security Advisor James Clapper gets up before Congress and lies thru his teeth...the President of the United States and the Secretary of State go before the citizens of this country and LIE THRU THEIR TEETH about Benghazi and the deaths of 4 patriots and they all get a pass...Paula Deen tells the truth about something she said long ago in a different time in out nations history and SHE is lynched, vilified and called a racist...I will give Food Network until Monday at the close of business to issue a retraction or Food Network will NEVER be turned on in my house EVER AGAIN...I have been watching since day one...
~ Travis B.

Shame on you for letting Paula Deen go!!!!!! She has apologized and owned what she did!!!! I will not be watching any shows, reading blogs, articles oe buying anything with your logo on it!! Bring her BACK and apologize to her!!!
~ Michelle S.

Shame on you for punishing someone when they only referred to the term in describing the way people talked before the 60's. Show this network is more intolerant than the racist of the past. Typical
~ Jerry M.

I will not watch this or anything else!!!
~ Patrick B.

If they fire Paula Deen for her past transgressions, they should fire that home-wrecking slut Trisha Yearwood for hers.
~ Kent H.

~ George T.

If I were Ms. Paula Deen, I'd have my attorneys file a wrongful termination lawsuit. Until the holier-than-thou Food Network investigates every one of their employees all the way back to the womb and checks to see if Anyone said Anything at Any time about Anyone, Anyplace in their lives and uncovers evidence of such, then Paula Deen was discriminated against. And just a thought for Guy, Giada, Alton and all the rest . . . you'd better be on your toes and have confidentiality agreements with everyone you know or who knows when something unfortunate will be revealed about any of you. Food Network should be mortified at themselves for reacting too quickly in order to be politically correct, and these days it seems as though that's what's at the root of so many of this country's issues.
~ Cheryl N.

Really! Foodnetwork you don't mind making millions while Paula Deen is one of the best shows on your network but let her be a honest and admit something and you throw her under the bus. Shame on you! You should applaud her for being honest and admitting this. And by the way you must all be yankees because here in the south that's the way things used to be and you can't change the past and we have moved on. You had a true southern gem on your network and it will not be the same. I think you REALLY overreacted to this!
~ Kelley C.

How sad :( This beautiful lady re-put Food Network back on the map and because many many moons ago she said N*%%$r........ REALLY.........REALLY......... I DIDN'T KNOW THAT THE 2nd AMENDMENT WAS CHANGED AND THAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH WAS TAKEN OUT...........So next time someone calls me a Nazi or Communist I should take the out of my life? So childish.... HEY FOOD NETWORK DID YOU KNOW THAT SOME COUNTRIES THAT WORD IS USED IN DAILY SPEECH? THIS COUNTRY IS SO OUTDATED........
~ Patricia A.

I think Paula has a good heart and never intended any harm to any of her racial golly there's more then her that has used slurs in times past and she never did it on tv!! Being from the south I do understand the idea behind the Plantation wedding idea, if anything I thought it would bring honor to those that worked as slaves back then because of their positive roles in our history of America, and they chose to look at the negative aspect of what she was trying to create in the idea..what a pity that people can be so cruel to a great cook that worked for them and did nothing but good on that show..she just taught what home cooking was about and if you didn't like it then change the channel and don't criticize her for it...that was her specialty and they knew it when they hired her in the first place!! We will fight for you Paula!! From one southern girl to another you go girl !!
~ Karen B.

Food Network is proving that: "no matter what you have said in the past, freedom of speech is 1. not tolerated with our network and 2. you have no right to be forgiven.. If we as American citizen, banned and punished every single human being for something they may have said "tongue and cheek" in the past, we would be a lonely country...I FULLY BELIEVE what Mrs. Paula said in years past was wrong, however, I also know when someone in our current times is bold enough to say, "yes, I have said things in the past in regret" and ask's for forgiveness, it should be forgiven as long as they are sincere which I believe she is. If Paula was a racist, I doubt she would say little cute remarks about a hot black male in the audience or a guest as well, kiss an African / American on the cheeck during shows.. Comics use racist jokes everyday in their standup performances, what do we do? WE FREAKING LAUGH at the jokes . GET REAL Food Network, honestly, I do believe you have truly cast a shadow on yourselves with regards of your position in the belief, "people do not deserve or, are not worthy of forgiveness".
~ Bobby B.

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