Friday, June 7, 2013

Saxby Chambliss ~ Military Rape Caused by Raging Hormones

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From Raw Story
At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on sexual assaults within the military, Chambliss opined that the Pentagon’s decision to allow women in combat roles was only going to make the problem worse.

The Georgia Republican recalled that “several years ago when we had the first females go out on an aircraft carrier, when they returned to port, a significant percentage of those females were pregnant.”

“Was any investigation made by the Navy following that incident to determine whether or not all of those pregnancies occurred as a result of consensual acts?” he asked Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert.

. . . “The young folks coming in to each of your services are anywhere from 17 to 22 or 23,” he pointed out. “Gee-whiz, the hormone level created by nature sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur. So, we’ve got to be very careful on our side.”

. . . grossly, dramatically, horrifically insensitive . . . For a United States senator or anyone to write off sexual assault and the personal violation of a woman or man to raging the hormones of youth shows just how dramatically out of touch the Republican Party is.
. . . It’s just unconscionable that from the highest reaches of power in the Republican Party in the United States, you have an individual who is so dismissive of sexual assault against anyone, particularly in the military, where we’re supposed to have rigid adherence to rules and to respect and to duty and to honor. And sexual assault is obviously none of those things.
~ Debbie Wasserman Schultz, R-Florida, on Politico

Is this seriously the “boys will be boys” defense?
. . . With rape-apologists like Chambliss, do we even need courts? If an 18-year-old is accused of brutally raping a superior officer, maybe Chambliss can just take the woman aside and say, “Honey, calm down and don’t get all hysterical. It’s all about hormones and nature and biology. Just have a cup of tea, and try to wear a longer skirt next time, k?”
~ Wonkette

Why do republicans always treat rapists like a constituency they must protect?
. . . Chambliss sounds like he's admitting to being a rapist from the ages of 17-23.
And I believe him.
~ MeSoHornish on Wonkette

This is disturbingly similar to the traditional advice given to battered women: Don't piss off the man, ok? He doesn't mean to hurt you but he's under a lot of stress so you know, when you see he's in a bad mood don't talk to him, just cook.
~ PsycWench on Wonkette

Chambliss perfectly represents his constituents. He got his seat by trashing the Vietnam war hero Max Clelland and was rewarded for it.
~ Gyre54 on CNN

I'm sure draft dodger Chambliss knows all about what goes on in the military.
~ TCinLA via Maddow Blog


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