Monday, July 6, 2015

Fox News Tries to Rescue Trump From Himself

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Donald Trump is in trouble financially as businesses run from his empire, and he keeps doubling down on his remarks about these horrible Mexicans invading our country. His pals at Fox News are trying to pull him out of his deep hole, and especially Bill O'Reilly, who attempted to white-splain what Trump shoulda-woulda-coulda said if he hadn't been so stupidly blunt.

But here's the Catch-22 for Fox: If Trump wasn't so damn blunt about his racism towards Mexican immigrants, he wouldn't be at the top of the GOP contenders. Hate is all he has to give, and is oh-so-willing to give it to the world.

Today Trump made a new statement defending himself, saying his words were "distorted" by reporters and others who understand how to turn on a TV or search for a transcript.

Then he pointed out that Mexicans are bringing us diseases, in a flashback to last summer's Murrieta Madness as white people screamed at immigrant children on the border. That was exactly a year ago on the 4th of July - coincidence? I think not.

From Raw Story
“I have lost a lot during this presidential run defending the people of the United States,” Trump said. “I have always heard that it is very hard for a successful person to run for president.”
Trump said in his statement that some in the news media had begun to “totally distort” what he had said over the past week, and that “many fabulous people come in from Mexico and our country is better for it.”
However, he said, the United States has become “a dumping ground for Mexico” with illegal border-crossers smuggling illicit drugs and carrying “tremendous infectious disease.”
Trump said the recent killing of a woman in San Francisco by a illegal immigrant from Mexico with a criminal record proves him right.
“This is merely one of thousands of similar incidents throughout the United States. In other words, the worst elements in Mexico are being pushed into the United States by the Mexican government,” he said.

From this weekend, the Tweet about Jeb Bush's Wife, which was saved before Trump's people deleted it. Stay classy!

And even after that tweet was gone, he continued to taunt Bush about the Mexican border:

He also directed criticism at fellow candidate Rick Perry, once Governor of Texas:

Trump has seized upon the death of a woman, Kathryn Steinle, in San Francisco, CA, to "prove" his talking points because an illegal immigrant has been arrested. He also used the opportunity to taunt candidate Marco Rubio, a child of Cuban immigrants himself.

From CNN
"There's tremendous crime and illegal immigration is just incredible. As far as Rubio, he's very weak on immigration," he said in the phone interview. "You know, I have great relations with Mexico and I love the Mexican people, and the spirit of the Mexican people. These are people just pouring across the border."

Fox News pundits jumped on the bandwagon about the death of Kathryn Steinle while trying to help Trump stay in as a Presidential contender. Good luck with that.

From Bill O'Reilly's "Memo" Transcript:
For decades Mexico City has allowed organized crime to brutalize its own people and Americans, as well.
Some of the drug organizations have branched out into people smuggling, charging money to get desperate migrants across the border.
In the process many, perhaps most, migrant women are sexually molested, and that was the rape situation Donald Trump mentioned.
But it's not ordinary Mexicans doing the raping. It's the gangsters, and Trump should have made that clear.

. . . Fifty-nine percent of Mexican residents and illegal aliens have less than a high school education.
Only four percent have a college degree.
Sixty-eight percent are poor or near poor.
Fifty-seven percent receive means-tested welfare of some kind.
Fifty-six percent do not have health insurance. Many of those will receive Obamacare subsidies.
So, Trump's analysis is correct. The majority of Mexicans coming to the USA are not achievers in the economic sense.

. . . Last Wednesday Kate was walking with her father in San Francisco when she was shot dead on the street for absolutely no reason at all.
Police say 45-year-old Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal alien from Mexico, murdered Kate.
Apparently Sanchez has seven felony convictions and had been deported five times.
Yet he was still walking around the streets of San Francisco.
That's because Mayor Ed Lee and the eleven members of the San Francisco City Supervisors refuse to cooperate with the federal government on criminal aliens.

The Constitution demands that the federal government protect Americans from foreign intruders.
Obviously, that responsibility is not being met. And if you point that out as Trump did, you are a racist, a piƱata for the open-border crowd to bash.


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