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#NRA Portrays Gun Control Activist Shannon Watts as a Stepford Wife

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The National Rifle Association is always proud when a woman straps on a gun and walks through Target or Home Depot, but they really despise women who want gun control. That's why in a recent article, the NRA is attacking Shannon Watts, the activist Mom who created "Moms Demand Action."

In an article called "Not Watt She Seems," NRA has chosen to demean Watts by making her the caricature of a 50's retro paper-doll housewife surrounded by household objects such as a feather duster, an iron, and a spatula. In essence, the NRA is depicting women as Stepford Wives.

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From the Article in America's First Freedom Zmag
Ms. Watts was not an activist or involved in gun issues prior to the shootings at Sandy Hook on Dec. 14, 2012. The day after the tragedy, she started a Facebook page called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America....
. . . The registered address for her pr firm was a residence, so presumably she was running her pr firm out of her house. Her children were all well into school-age or older, so it’s likely that she had plenty of time to run her business during the day. Watts’ biography on states that she ran the public relations firm until June 2012. Also, for the 20 months ending in June 2012, she was a consultant for the large public relations firm FleishmanHillard. Also, in May 2010, Watts and her husband opened the Watts Fine Art gallery in Zionsville, Ind. There’s nothing wrong with that, except “running a streetfront art gallery plus public relations business from my house” is not the impression conveyed by “stay-at-home mom.”

Shannon Watts, via Chicago Tribune
"The idea that I might be able to stay home and do something other than cook and clean seems beyond their grasp," Watts says. "They believe real moms wear dresses from the 1950s and use rotary telephones and iron — which, in my opinion, is what the dryer is for."
The image is an odd move for an organization so actively courting women to join their ranks.
"For them to denigrate women, who make up the majority of the electorate, seems incredibly short-sighted," Watts says.


The NRA ultimately loses the argument by insisting that Watts has no right to be as accomplished as she is, since she calls herself a stay-at-home mother. That is insulting to all women throughout history, It seems as if Wayne La Pierre believes the old cliche of women being "just a housewife," as if women were ever "just" anything.

The ironic thing about the NRA's argument is that it portrays Watts as both an accomplished and effective activist, so they are admitting they have a Renaissance woman as an adversary. And now that they are throwing down the gauntlet, even bringing the ages of her children into their criticism, they deserve whatever despicable fate awaits them in the future.

Watts and @MomsDemand fought back in social media with the hashtag #MomsNotMaids and graphics making fun of the NRA's backward and sexist view of women.


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