Friday, August 22, 2014

Media Obsession with Obama's Golf Game

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The media is obsessed with the fact that President Obama, like many of his presidential predecessors, is able to take vacations and (horrors) play golf whenever he feels like it. Because, you know, Obama can't possibly golf and THINK at the same time. Or maybe the press can't watch golf and think at the same time. Today they criticized him for taking a hike, because walking and thinking don't go hand in hand either. I think Henry David Thoreau and Gandhi might disagree with them. Surely Martin Luther King and every person who marched for Civil Rights would disagree that physical activity rules out thinking or pondering.

Anyway, it's all about "Optics" because there are BIG things going on in the world, and Obama should be solving them all NOW. How dare the President try to relax so he can deal with them when the time comes. How dare he recharge his batteries like every other President before him. Funny that no one cared when the Elder Bush was watching "Curly Sue" in the theater at the White House, or relaxing at the family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine. Funny they never said this when President W. Bush was down in Texas at the BBQ ranch or choking on Fritos and then falling asleep on the couch in front of football at the White House. How many hours of sleep did W. need a night? Something like 14?

But the Optics of Golf meme is way to fire up the right-wing, or white-wing, readers, so some media outlets keep tweeting and reporting on what the black President is doing up in (usually white) Martha's Vineyard. And after the reporters tweet about golf, the trolls jump on the bandwagon.



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