Sunday, August 31, 2014

Child Kills Gun Instructor with Uzi

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Some idiot parents took their nine-year-old daughter to a gun range in the Arizona desert, where she was encouraged to fire an UZI assault weapon at a target. When the instructor put the weapon on automatic, the child couldn't handle the recoil and accidentally shot the teacher, blowing off his head.

This death brought to you by the #NRA and the #GOP in 'Merica.

From CNN
Charles Vacca was accidentally shot in the head as he instructed the 9-year-old girl how to fire an Uzi, an Israeli-made 9mm submachine gun. As she pulled the trigger, the gun jumped out of her left hand toward Vacca, who was standing beside her.
"To put an Uzi in the hands of a 9-year-old ... is extremely reckless, " CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said.
Gun experts contacted by CNN on Wednesday said young children should be taught to shoot with single-shot firearms rather than submachine guns.
. . . Chief Deputy Mohave County Attorney Jace Zack told CNN on Wednesday that prosecutors didn't foresee criminal charges.
The Mohave County Sheriff's Office said the girl was with her parents. The three reside in New Jersey.
Asked about the culpability of the girl's parents, he said: "We have considered the parents, but if anyone was culpable it would be the instructor for putting a deadly weapon in her hands."

The owner of the Gun Range defended the girl's right to shoot an Uzi, because it was on the child's "bucket list." Now since when do 9-year-olds have a "bucket list?" Do gun nuts really believe the stuff they spout day after day?

All In With Chris Hayes Transcript, via Daily Kos

Chris Hayes: "... you told a reporter that a 5 year old can shoot a 22 if they have their parents consent. Could a five year old also conceivably shoot an uzi...?"

SS: "...we don't let anybody enter the range -- except on the Eddie Eagle program... -- unless they're eight years old or older -- and we grow some pretty big eight year olders out here in Arizona...

... This was a very mature young lady, and it's something she wanted to do and her parents were treating her. You know, this was a big -- something that was high on her bucket list to do and her parents took her out to do what she was gonna do...

... It's something she did, it's a tragedy and my heart goes out to her...

… We're a very tight knit group here. It's more like family. I don't want any of my people to stub their toes, let alone get killed in the process, you know it's heartbreaking."

CH: "... why would you let an eight year old shoot an uzi? I mean what's the possible upside? The downside is so horribly clear. What do you say to people that just look at this and their jaws are on the floor?"

SS: "Well, you know I tell you we've had probably 100,000 people shoot on our two ranges combined, and we've had of that probably 1500 to 2000 have been kids. The kids rent a lot of automatic weapons, we do birthday parties for children here, we do bachelor and bachelorette parties...

... we've got first aid kits and the god-darned things are brand new. Never had an injury in the place."

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