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St. Louis Area Cops Out of Control ~ With Updates

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From the beginning, it's been obvious that Ferguson area police have anger problems and aren't properly trained in the use of firearms, not to mention the inherent racism in the targeting of African Americans. What is shocking to the world is that these guys seem totally fine with their violent threats and impulses.

UPDATE: Sergeant Mike Weston

Via The New Civil Rights Movement:
Sergeant Mike Weston took to Twitter this week, complaining about "libs", giving out false information, insulting Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson's approach to community policing and threatening to seek out visiting U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, in order to "punch him in the nose."

Note: He has since deleted his twitter account:

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Weston also attacked State Patrolman Ron Johnson who was brought in to calm down the crowds, calling his method "Hug-A-Thug."

Tweet pic via Crooks and Liars

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UPDATE: Officer Matthew Pappert

From the Telegraph
The police department in Glendale, another St Louis suburb, said Friday it had suspended one of its officers who expressed contempt for the Ferguson protesters on his Facebook account.
. . . "I'm sick of these protesters. You are a burden on society and a blight on the community," wrote Pappert in one of at least five posts that went up since Sunday.
"These protesters should have been put down like a rabid dog the first night," he added.
In a reference to the Boston Marathon bombing, he also wrote: "Where is a Muslim with a backpack when you need them."
The Glendale Police Department, in a statement, said it suspended Pappert upon learning about the posts on Friday. It also cancelled a neighborhood block party for fear it might be disrupted by protesters.

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Here is Detective Corporal Ray Albers pointing a large weapon at journalists while threatening to "F***in Kill" them. Albers was put on leave after this video surfaced.

UPDATE: Ray Albers has resigned.

From Huffington Post
Lt. Ray Albers, 46, stepped down from the St. Ann police department on Thursday, the St. Louis Dispatch reported. The resignation comes just a little over a week after The Huffington Post and other outlets confirmed Albers' identity in footage of the officer threatening civilians protesting the death of Michael Brown.


Next we have Sargent Major Dan Page, who made an openly racist speech back in April, and who has also been relieved of duty.

This is the same policeman who unnecessarily pushed CNN's Don Lemon on the air.

Chief John Belmar told Don Lemon that he was "embarrassed" by Dan Page's remarks, and he made an apology to anyone offended by it.


UPDATE Dan Page has retired with Full Pension!!!

Officer Dan Page, a 35-year veteran of the force, had his last day on August 25th. Sergeant Colby Dolly, aid to the St. Louis County Police Chief, told msnbc by phone that Page is expected to receive his full pension.

I doubt anyone is happy that he is getting his full pension. Stay tuned because I expect we will hear more about that.

Also, Page made even more weird comments earlier this year - conspiracy stuff. He must be watching Alex Jones.

Via Slate
In a handful of interviews unearthed by Rachel Tabachnick of Political Research Associates, Pages further opines that there is a military plot to overthrow the United States and establish a one-world government, that sexual assault in the military is “99.9 percent” fictitious, and that “through our government education system your Caucasian females are telling young black males that the white male is the enemy.”

Okey-Dokey. *eyeroll*

From the man in charge of Dan Page:

"I joined this police department 28 years ago because
it was a professional agency and it remains so today.
We cannot have these kinds of comments and behavior."


UPDATE: As of 8-30-14, Darren Wilson still has not shown his face or made a statement through an attorney

The Washington Post has a story this Monday morning about the fact that Mike Brown's killer, officer Darren Wilson, originally served on another police force so corrupt they disbanded it!

From Washington Post
After going through the police academy, Wilson landed a job in 2009 as a rookie officer in Jennings, a small, struggling city of 14,000 where 89 percent of the residents were African American and poverty rates were high. At the time, the 45-employee police unit had one or two black members on the force, said Allan Stichnote, a white Jennings City Council member.
Racial tension was endemic in Jennings, said Rodney Epps, an African American city council member.
“You’re dealing with white cops, and they don’t know how to address black people,” Epps said. “The straw that broke the camel’s back, an officer shot at a female. She was stopped for a traffic violation. She had a child in the back [of the] car and was probably worried about getting locked up. And this officer chased her down Highway 70, past city limits, and took a shot at her. Just ridiculous.”
Police faced a series of lawsuits for using unnecessary force, Stichnote said. One black resident, Cassandra Fuller, sued the department claiming a white Jennings police officer beat her in June 2009 on her own porch after she made a joke. A car had smashed into her van, which was parked in front of her home, and she called police. The responding officer asked her to move the van. “It don’t run. You can take it home with you if you want,” she answered. She said the officer became enraged, threw her off the porch, knocked her to the ground and kicked her in the stomach.


UPDATE: Justin Cosma

Cosma was seen guarding the Ferguson Police station during a protest on Saturday Aug. 30, 2014:

Huff Post has the story of Officer Justin Cosma, the Ferguson cop who detained journalists Wesley Lowrey and Ryan J. Reilly of Huffington Post when they were charging up their phones at a local McDonald's. On that night, Cosma refused to give his name or his badge number, and chose to arrest the two writers instead of simply telling them how to return to their cars. They were later released without charges, but there's no doubt they have been trying to find out more about Cosma ever since.

Surprise! Cosma didn't turn into a sociopath just for the protest, but was already embroiled in a Civil Rights Lawsuit over hog-tying a 12-year-old child - that's right, hog-tying! - when the kid was merely checking his own mailbox in front of his own house. Hello, Lord Voldemort - we didn't know you worked for the Ferguson Police Department.

From Huffington Post:
"The lawsuit alleges that Justin Cosma and Richard Carter, two deputies with the Jefferson County, Missouri sheriff's department in 2010, assaulted my client during an encounter on my client's driveway while his mother was inside their house.
My client was 12 years old at the time, shirtless and was not suspected of any criminal behavior. He was checking the mail. The deputies approached my client and the encounter quickly escalated. My client was restrained, choked, thrown to the ground and hogtied by the two deputies. He suffered scrapes and choke marks to his neck. No charges were ever brought against my client. It is my understanding that Justin Cosma is currently an officer with the City of Ferguson."...

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