Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Benghazi Bust Turns Right-Wing Theories to Dust

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Hooray for the Obama Administration! Not only did they vanquish Osama bin Laden, now they have captured the ring-leader of the Benghazi attacks! And guess what? The suspect is saying that the whole thing went down exactly as Susan Rice said in the original CIA/Petraeus talking points - he attacked the American consulate at Benghazi because of a video he had watched that was inflaming the entire Middle East at the time, a video made in the U.S. by Egyptian Coptic Christians and funded by Jewish donors making fun of the Prophet Mohammed.

So all the Right-Wing gnashing of teeth and screaming "Benghazzzzzzzzzziii" as a battle cry should be over. But wait - last night Hillary Clinton was grilled about Benghazi on Fox News, and there are now questions from the nutjobs about how "convenient" the story is from the suspect, and is he real, or merely a false-flag actor created by the evil Obama to boost Hillary and make the GOP look f***ing bonkers?

Well, they don't need that much help from Obama or Hillary to sound bonkers. So expect more outrageous and entertaining reactions from the far-right fringe, but the real story of Benghazi is pretty much over for the rest of the world, thanks to President Obama.

But never forget the strange byzantine history of Benghazi:

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From Washington Post:
One of the suspected ringleaders of the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi that killed four Americans, Abu Khattala is the first of the alleged perpetrators to be apprehended. He now awaits a transfer to the United States and a federal trial in the District.
U.S. officials said the joint Special Operations and FBI mission had been planned for months and was approved by President Obama on Friday. The Pentagon said that there were no civilian or other casualties and that all involved U.S. personnel had safely left Libya.
The administration provided few details about the operation itself, where Abu Khattala is being held or the timing of his first appearance in court. After news of the capture became public Tuesday morning, Obama, on a visit to Pennsylvania, said Abu Khattala “is now being transported back to the United States.” Administration officials said they expected him to appear in court here within days.

From New York Times
On the day of the attack, Islamists in Cairo had staged a demonstration outside the United States Embassy there to protest an American-made online video mocking Islam, and the protest culminated in a breach of the embassy’s walls — images that flashed through news coverage around the Arab world.
As the attack in Benghazi was unfolding a few hours later, Mr. Abu Khattala told fellow Islamist fighters and others that the assault was retaliation for the same insulting video, according to people who heard him.


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