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False Flag Nation

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There's a Sheryl Crow song called "Every Day is a Winding Road" and that line pretty much sums up the twists and turns of conspiracy theorists. Nothing is ever what it seems. Truth is an illusion. Their favorite song should be "Everything is a False Flag," which means that for any given news story, it can be explained away as an event staged with actors to make a political point.

The "flag" in the name refers to Naval Warfare in which a ship will fly the flag of another country to sneak up on the enemy. Espionage groups all over the world allegedly "stage" false flag operations to confuse or cast doubt on other countries.

For a modern origin, False Flaggers point to something called "Operation Northwoods."

In the U.S., the biggest "Mother-of-All False Flag" conspiracy theory could be the idea that the Bush Administration "staged" the September 11 attack in 2001. Countless websites and books are devoted to the idea that George Bush himself gave the order to implode the Twin Towers, and that there never was a plane crash at the Pentagon. The 3000 victims were collateral damage in a bigger plan by Cheney and Rumsfeld to justify going back to Iraq to conquer the country, and steal their oil. Bush went along with it so he could finish what his father started with the first Gulf War by capturing Baghdad and killing Saddam Hussein. With a war already going in Afghanistan, America didn't want another war front, so to convince Congress the Bushies invented imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMDs that Saddam didn't actually have. That part of the story is true and confirmed by then-Sec. of State Colin Powell, which proves to False Flaggers that the rest of it must be true.

Others blame the "Zionist Conspiracy" - the idea that Israel set up 9-11 so that the U.S. would wage war on Muslims all over the world.

And of course, while Bush never captured Osama, his army did capture Baghdad and Saddam Hussein, and he managed to install the Patriot Act, a type of draconian law in which we are supposed to be afraid of our own shadows, see every Muslim as a terrorist, while the government remains an ally to Israel. To the false-flaggers, that partial truth means that EVERYTHING has to be true!

Even today you can find "9-11 Truthers" on Twitter:

These days false flag theories get their start on far-right radio with people like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck who are paranoid and think they see government propaganda black-operations going on every time something happens. The people who believe False Flag reports are known as "Truthers," which is sort of a take-off on "Birthers" - the anti-Obama crowd who believe that everything about his life is a manufactured lie, from his birth certificate to his college degree to the way he governs. These theories are fueled mostly by hatred and the GOP has used the ideas to fire up the base and view the President as "the other" - some exotic, un-American creature.

The False Flag meme blames everything on Obama, even horrible school shootings, terrorism, and bad weather. The nutters believe that Obama is creating a false reality to frighten people into passing his programs, such as gun control and climate change. And sometimes, as with Obamacare, the GOP fought against it so long, they are just in denial about how successful it is. Oh, and also Benghazzzziii!!!

For instance, read these previous posts:

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Here's a compilation of Alex Jones on The Boston Bombing:

The most recent spate of False Flaggers are sympathizers with the National Rifle Association. You could say they have a persecution complex, believing that Obama is still going to grab their guns, even though he hasn't made one move to do it in almost seven years. These gun-lovers were behind the theory that the Newtown/Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was a staged event to drum up gun control support - and of course they blame Obama:
The Sandy Hook Truthers - Shooting was Staged with "Crisis Actors"

Recently a Sandy Hook Truther got into trouble for continuing to harass the parents of a victim, even stealing a sign that had been erected at a playground to honor the child. The man was hunted down and caught by police after he sent pictures of the sign to the blog The Daily Banter. Kudos to Bob Cesca and Chez Pazienza for helping to catch this creepy guy!

Chez Pazienza on The Daily Banter
Police have told us that The Daily Banter‘s reporting on the story was instrumental in catching 28-year-old Andrew David Truelove and bringing the case to a close.

As we reported here last week, someone claiming to have stolen the signs contacted me and e-mailed pictures of the missing panels, boasting that he had taken them and then called the families of both McDonnell and Kowalski to taunt them by saying that their children had never actually existed and the Sandy Hook massacre was nothing but a hoax. I passed along all the information this person had sent me to the police department in Stonington, Conn., which was working the case. I’ve been in contact with detectives there several times since.

It turns out the photos that we received were loaded with metadata, including geotags, which led Stonington to contact Herndon, where many of the pictures were apparently taken. Police there tracked the geotags to the home seen in the photos we posted last week, which was actually a small unit rented by someone named Alan J. Truelove. They obtained a warrant and this morning arrested Truelove, the father of the man suspected of being the actual sign thief, Andrew David Truelove. While the elder Truelove hasn’t been charged with anything yet, since he denies knowing the signs in his home were stolen, while being questioned he apparently asked the police how they could be sure the Sandy Hook shooting had really happened. So, yes, it looks like he’s a Sandy Hook truther just like his son.


The NRA crowd seems to be coming up with a new False Flag theory a day:

Some of them believe Elliot Rodger, the Isla Vista California shooter who documented at length his own plans to kill women who wouldn't sleep with him, was just a cog in the wheel of Obama's Gun Control Plan:

A gun found at Target in the children's department was put there by the Gun Control group Moms Demand Action to cause an incident so the #NRA will back down on allowing Open Carry in their stores. Yeah, that makes sense - NOT.

A shooting at the Forsyth Georgia County Courthouse was staged to slam both gun lovers and "Sovereign Citizens" - a type of Libertarian who believes the federal government has no jurisdiction, such as Cliven Bundy.

And finally, here's one in Canada - the New Brunswick shooting of three Mounties:

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