Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Snowden's Superhuman Claim ~ Impervious to Torture

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Excerpt of Snowden Email to Former Sen. Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire
Mr. Humphrey,
Thank you for your words of support. I only wish more of our lawmakers shared your principles - the actions I've taken would not have been necessary.
The media has distorted my actions and intentions to distract from the substance of Constitutional violations and instead focus on personalities. It seems they believe every modern narrative requires a bad guy. Perhaps it does. Perhaps, in such times, loving one's country means being hated by its government.

. . .  no intelligence service - not even our own - has the capacity to compromise the secrets I continue to protect. While it has not been reported in the media, one of my specializations was to teach our people at DIA how to keep such information from being compromised even in the highest threat counter-intelligence environments (i.e. China).
You may rest easy knowing I cannot be coerced into revealing that information, even under torture.

With my thanks for your service to the nation we both love,
Edward Snowden


They have drugs and women. He's very naive
~ Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb

So everyone is to understand that Snowden's counter-cyber-intelligence capability is greater than that of the U.S. government, Chinese government, and Russian government ... combined?
Also, that methods of torture that make waterboarding look like a walk in the park — fingernail torture, cattleprods, smashed toes, blaring Sesame Street songs directly into the ears for hours on end — are all in a day's work for Snowden?
Pretty strange coming from a guy who allegedly fled Hong Kong for fear of losing Internet, who's now growing "tired" of living in a Moscow airport's hotel.
~ Geoffrey Ingersoll on Business Insider

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