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Alex Jones Day Two - Paranoia in the Big City


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Alex Jones Goes Bonkers on Piers Morgan

I give myself about an ‘A,’. . . The consensus is in. I would say 95% of people thought I just told it like it was, slammed him in the face….I’m proud of the job I did.
. . . When I was at CNN a decade ago, it was glistening. (Now) it looks like Hitler’s bunker….torn-up carpet, feces all over the wall and on the floor in the bathroom. It’s rotting.
Folks, I’ve been in those exact rooms. It literally looked like a gas station bathroom in the worst part of town. It was rotting and those people were in hell. It’s a skeleton of what it was, it’s a globalist operation and they’re nothing.
~ Alex Jones on his Talk Radio Show Today, via Forbes

Piers Morgan in a telephone interview with Ashleigh Banfield on CNN
Well, honestly, I mean, (Alex Jones is) now trending worldwide on Twitter and has been for pretty much since the show went out and I can't think of a better advertisement for gun control than Alex Jones' interview last night.

It was startling. It was terrifying in parts. It was completely deluded. It was based on a premise of making Americans so fearful that they all rush out to buy even more guns.

It showed no compassion whatsoever to the victims of gun shootings and, you know, the kind of twisted way that he turned everything into this assault on the Second Amendment is exactly what the gun rights lobby people do.

And it's a lie. It cannot be allowed to continue. They have to be confronted and challenged, occasionally, as with last night, I think silence was the best weapon against him because he just dug himself an ever bigger hole.

And the general reaction, I think, has been one of real horror that somebody with such a voice, a platform as Alex Jones -- he has millions of Americans listen to his show every week and he spouts this kind of dangerous nonsense.

. . . I have absolute respect for any American who wants to exercise their rights under the Second Amendment to have a firearm at home, a pistol or a gun, a handgun, to protect themselves and their families.

There are numerous incidents you can point to where that has potentially has saved a life and I respect. I believe that is what the Founding Fathers probably intended with the wording of the Second Amendment.

However, I see no reason and I come from a military family -- many of my relatives have served in the British army. They are as aghast as I am that, in America, I can go to Walmart, for example, and I'm not allowed to buy six packets of Sudafed or a Kinder egg or various types of French cheese because they're all considered too harmful to my health, potentially, but I can buy an AR-15 assault weapon.

I can get on the Internet, buy 6,000 rounds of ammunition. I can buy a magazine that can hold 100 bullets and I can then go to a church or a school or a movie theater or a shopping mall and I can kill as many Americans ... as I want to in the space of a few minutes. This madness has got to stop.

After appearing on CNN with Piers Morgan, Alex Jones made a video asking his fans to "watch his back" because he feared some kind of assasination by the NYPD.

I think we're being cased.
The way this'll work is, 'oh, see here they were protesting gun grabs and some crack dealers shot them,' These people clearly work for Bloomberg ... it was just super-creepy ... If something happens to us, we're killed by crackheads, it was the NYPD or the mafia they hired, period. ...This city runs white slaves, that's sex slaves, out of here all day, narcotics, you name it. This is mafia central.
I'm not afraid of you. I came here and I got in your redcoat usurper hatchet man's face and I told him to go to hell!
~ Alex Jones

He ended what he suspected might be his last ever recorded video with this possibly eternal line: "We've got Goodfellas climbing out our butts right now. Alex Jones signing off for I love you." Update 2: Alex Jones is still alive.
~ Village Voice

No one is taking away all the guns. But now I get it. Now I see what is happening. So this is what it is, their paranoid fear of a possible dystopic future prevents us from addressing our actual dystopic present. We can’t even begin to address 30,000 gun deaths that are actually in reality happening in this country every year because a few of us must remain vigilant against the rise of imaginary Hitler.
~ John Stewart on Comedy Central

Want to know who the media wants to make the face of the pro-gun argument in America? Look no further than conspiratorial radio host Alex Jones, best known for his 9/11 Truther theories and his love of Charlie Sheen's hernia. Jones is the man behind the petition to deport CNN host Piers Morgan for his views on gun control. Morgan invited Jones onto his show to debate the gun issue yesterday, and not surprisingly, Jones made a fool of himself, giving the left the perfect poster boy for their attempts to paint every logical conservative as an extremist nut job.
~ Conservative Radio Show Host Glenn Beck

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