Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where Was Mitt on Inauguration Day? Drinking Milk? Evading Taxes?

source: snl via gifsfln

Mitt may be drowning his sorrows with glasses of milk, probably non-fat.
~ Robert F. on Talking Points Memo

Romney is at home eating chocolate goodies while his wife rides her dressage horse. Tagg is crying, eating fruit roll ups.
~ tytheeman20 on YouTube

Who's Mitt Romney?
~ TopQuark on New York Mag

An assistant will give him binders full of inauguration pics.
~ PaulG85 on Mediaite

Instead, Mitt and Ann dressed in ermine robes and played White House all afternoon.
~ MitchMcTurtle on Mediaite

I hear he is in La Jolla riding up and down on the car elevator...
~ patsysocal on Mediaite

Mitt not attending his own inauguration? Karl and Dick must be crestfallen.
~ PopeOfTheAmericas on Mediaite

He thought it was tomorrow.
~ Jersey Jeff on NY Daily News

First State Bank in Norton, Kan. houses a second-floor gallery full of those, like Romney, who have tried, but failed to become president.
"I've tried to make it a party and a little inauguration," Lee Ann Shearer, the gallery’s director, told the Salina Journal. "After a welcome, I will have a little talk about the rejected candidate."
Romney’s portrait will join those of 59 other presidential losers, including John Kerry, Bob Dole, Al Gore, and John McCain.
The 10 a.m. “Inaugural Event and Reception,” will also include coffee and cookies.
~ NY Daily News

MSNBC Discussion During Inagural Coverage
Rachel Maddow: Mitt Romney did not attend today, and that's not unprecedented - Michael Dukakis did not attend when he was defeated by George H.W. Bush. But Mr. Romney didn't attend and put out word through people close to him that he wasn't even planning to watch today, that he was going to be home in La Jolla, and wasn't even planning on participating in that degree. Do you think that's significant or just a personality point?

Lawrence O'Donnell: I think going to the extent of saying 'and I'm not going to watch' - we don't actually have to know that. (laughter) I don't think anyone's asking what you're doing. (more laughter) You know, I think the question is 'Are you here or are you not here?' ... It's an understandable choice to not come here. I get that, especially if you're not a man of Washington government. You know, this is a former governor, and so he didn't really have a presence in Washington. So I get that.
But I don't get why you'd have to take that extra step and say 'I'm not gonna watch.' I, by the way - I have no problem with him not watching. I can understand that from a human level, losing an election like that - I get it. But this is not the moment in which someone who participated in the greatest drama in our national politics ... should have announced that about himself.

Rachel Maddow: (laughs) Making himself the story.

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