Monday, January 21, 2013

Inagural "Black Out" ~ Obama Haters Mourn Loss of Power


Turn off ALL news and inauguration broadcasts – if you possibly can, just turn the TV off for the day. Let them see that we CARE about our country but we DON’T care about the crowning of the freedom choking, Barack Obama.
* Please facebook, email and tweet this bad boy to every Tom, Dick and Harry you know who love our founding documents and loathe the hijacking of our sacred liberties by the abysmal administration.
~ Clash Daily

A certain dread has descended upon members of the Grand Old Party, who must now bear witness to a grand old party that is not theirs to celebrate. Indeed, Democrats will bask in the glow of victory in the next 72 hours as the presidential inauguration takes over and wrests the nation’s capital into submission. And Republicans? Dismay could prompt an exodus to ski resorts, indoor golf ranges and movie theaters this weekend.
~ Washington Times


From Huffington Post
"I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear," he began, using the president's full name. Obama repeated the oath, with his left hand on a Bible, held by his smiling wife.

Roberts, not wanting to repeat the mistake of 2009, looked down at his card and read most of its words, which Obama repeated, promising to faithfully execute the office of president of the United States. Only at the end, including the final phrase "so help you God," did Roberts keep his head up to maintain eye contact with the president.

After concluding the oath, the two men smiled and shook hands, visibly relieved. Roberts congratulated the president and Obama thanked him. The whole procedure lasted less than one minute. No mess-ups, no flubs.

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