Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gun Nut Alex Jones Goes Bonkers on Piers Morgan


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Alex Jones Profile on Southern Poverty Law Center
Five days a week, online and on more than 60 radio stations nationwide, “The Alex Jones Show,” along with a pair of websites he runs (Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com), serves as the tumultuous showcase for his overactive imagination — a worldview governed by logic-leaping deductions and heedless pronouncements. His website is chock full of apocalyptic headlines and ads for products like “recession-proof coins” and manuals on How to Survive Martial Law in America. On the air, he’s given to stream-of-consciousness rants.

Petition to Deport CNN's Piers Morgan For Demanding Stricter Gun Laws After the Sandy Hook shooting

The White House responds to all petitions that cross the [25,000-signature] threshold and we will respond to this one.
In the meantime, it is worth remembering that the freedom of expression is a bedrock principle in our democracy.
~ White House spokesman Jay Carney on Petition:


Transcript from Real Clear Politics

PIERS MORGAN: Why do you want to deport me?

ALEX JONES: We did it as a way to bring attention to the fact that we have all of these foreigners, and the Russian government, the official Chinese government -- Mao said political power goes out of the barrel of a gun, he killed about 80 million people because he's the only guy who had the guns -- so we did it to point out that this is globalism, and the mega banks that control the planet and brag they have taken over -- in Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, you name it -- brag that they're going to get our guns as well. They've taken everybody's guns, but the Swiss and the American people and when they get our guns, they can have their world tyranny while the government buys 1.6 billion bullets, armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters, predator drones, armed now in U.S. skies, being used to arrest people in North Dakota.

The Second Amendment isn't there for duck hunting. It's there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs. Take the woman in india, your piece earlier on CNN earlier, I was watching during Anderson Cooper's show, didn't tell you the women of India have signed giant petitions to get firearms because the police can't and won't protect them.

Te answer is -- wait a minute, I have FBI crime statistics that come out of a year late, 2011, 20-plus percent crime drop in the last nine years, real violent crime because more guns means less crime. Britain took the guns 15, 16 years ago. Tripling of your overall violent crime. True, we have a higher gun violence level, but overall, muggings, stabbing, deaths -- those men raped that woman to India to death with an iron rod 4 feet long. You can't ban the iron rods. The guns, the iron rods, Piers, didn't do it, the tyrants did it. Hitler took the guns Stalin took the guns, Mao took the guns, Fidel Castro took the guns, Hugo Chavez took the guns, and I'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms! It doesn't matter how many lemmings you get out there in the street begging for them to have their guns taken. We will not relinquish them. Do you understand?


. . . ALEX JONES: I already said earlier that England had lower gun crime rate because you took all the guns. But you have hoards of people burning down cities and beating old women's brains out out everyday. They arrest people in England if they defend themselves, that's on record. My God, you have a total police state. Everybody is fleeing the country because -- you've had to flee, bud. Yeah, you fled here. Why don't you go back and face the charges for the hacking scandal?

PIERS MORGAN: Answer this question. How many --

JONES: Why did you get fired from the Daily Mirror for putting out fake stories? You're a hatchet man of the New World Order. You're a hatchet man! And I'm going to say this here, you think you're a tough guy? Have me back with a boxing ring and I'll wear red, white, and blue, and you'll wear your Jolly Roger.


My god, is Alex Jones for real or did Yosemite Sam just appear as a guest on CNN?
~ comment by alicesp on CNN

That was outstanding. Frothing at the mouth even more than LaPierre, and a truly inspired homage to Dr. Strangelove.
~ Freezer001 on Huffington Post

I fear for him, may get himself Vince Fostered or Breitbarted.
~ FlyingEagle on Free Republic

It was refreshing hearing some FACTS about firearms spoken by a guy who gives it back to the libtards in a way they are absolutely NOT used to.
~ 43 North on Free Republic

OMG, I was laughing so much, I had to rewatch it. No discourse, no honesty, no facts, just vitriol and anger and that's it. What a great representative for the gun lobby. LOL
~ ScoutItOut on Huffington Post

This is exactly who we need campaigning for gun rights - an angry manchild who is obviously delusional and probably suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.
~ Peter K. on Buzzfeed

This is the worst part, he has the facts and the stats in his head but he can't get them across in a coherent way. He's become a liability to not only conspiracy theorists but even constitutionalists. He makes pro-gun people look deranged.
~ erowidtranc on Reddit

Alex isn't well composed, he isn't a well spoken debater, and I don't even care if he's a shill, he's exactly what we need right now, a loud, rude, obnoxious gorilla with his middle finger in the air on CNN. Either way love him or hate him, he's drawing attention to areas of concern. He's discrediting our cause? Are you f***ing kidding me? Our cause is the g****amn truth, we don't have to worry about it being discredited. It will shine through the darkness as it always does.
~ ACapitalizedCursiveL on Reddit

The fact that Jones and people with this crazy frame of reference are allowed to own arsenals (Jones tells Piers he owns over 50), shows how big this problem is and how hard it is going to be to solve. We have let this craziness metastasize so much that if we tried to disarm the crazies, we would have 100s of Wacos across the country. So, we need to do what Piers did tonight and shine a light on the crazies - the more we show them to the larger population, the more their craziness will become apparent.
~ James Renruojos on Daily Kos

As a Canadian, that fellow represents what scares us the most about Americans. Taking every freedom and liberty and ramming it down your throat no matter how ridiculous it is. The amendments were written a LONG time ago. The world has changed, maybe they should be updated a little...
~ BigBadRod on New York Mag

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