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Pinhead Fail: Bill O'Reilly Explains Asians


Explaining Psy and Gangnam Style:

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Bill O’Reilly: The pony, that’s what he is doing, and he’s jumping up and down and 800 million views is this? What’s going on?

Dr. Keith Ablow: . . . when you approach a billion views on YouTube and surpassed Justin Bieber, perhaps, you’re tapping into something, and I think what this fellow is tapping into is in fact this PSY, he is tapping into the fact that people don’t want any meaning right now, music, the most popular music apparently is that without intelligible words to some extent that simply conveys you to a distant place beat wise, doesn’t try to convince you of anything; that doesn’t try to raise your emotions, it just is sort of like a drug . . .

Bill O’Reilly: Yeah, but but well, wait, wait, wait wait – Elvis Presley could sing, he had a good voice.
Dr. Keith Ablow: Yes.
Bill O’Reilly:His songs had words: Are you lonesome tonight. Okay, all right.
Dr. Keith Ablow:Yes.
Bill O’Reilly: He put on a show, this is a little fat guy from Yongyang or some place the old…
Dr. Keith Ablow: Wearing sunglasses.
Bill O’Reilly: Whatever and he is jumping up and down, there’s no comparison between PSY and you know, they’re are like 16 guys named PSY on Long Island that I can tell you about these, don’t look like him, all right, so there’s no, and the phenomenon I mean you can understand Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, even Justin Bieber I got all that, all right, but this is something more, but I think you may be on to something because this is internet driven and it looks to me like the internet is just a place where people want some kind of numb, they want to numb themselves to some degree.

Until this moment, I didn’t realize “being in Korean” was the same thing as being “without intelligible words.”
~ Entertainment Weekly Popwatch

O’Reilly and Dr. Ablow go on to repeatedly refer to the song as having no intelligible words. Now, remember, we can’t take anything O’Reilly says seriously, but it is hard not to when the comment is so blatantly ignorant of other cultures and countries. The song does have intelligible words–they just aren’t in English. The words are perfectly understandable to people who speak Korean; like PSY, for example.
To continue the racism cultural insensitivity, O’Reilly seems confused about where PSY is from. This is up for debate, because some people think he said Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, and some people think he simply said something racially insensitive such as YingYang. Either way, that isn’t where PSY is from (he’s actually from Gangnam District, Seoul) and calling him fat and making generalizations about his place of origin is unacceptable.
~ Seoulbeats


On Why Asian Americans in Hawaii Voted for Obama:

Transcript Via Media Matters
BILL O'REILLY (host): Now I have to say, Hawaii is one of my favorite places in the world. It's beautiful.
JESSE WATTERS (Fox News producer): Yeah, it's beautiful.
O'REILLY: But when I'm there I'm under water. I'm not talking to pinheads. But the state is in enormous debt.
WATTERS: They are.
O'REILLY: Alright. They've got a lot of social problems. When you says it's the biggest homeless thing, it's because of the addiction.
O'REILLY: The addiction is rampant, all over the place, because they don't enforce the drug laws.

O'REILLY: And, you know, I think the one person who said, Look, this is a place where people come to to escape. This is, you know, generally speaking. But you know what's shocking? 35 percent of the Hawaiian population is Asian, and Asian people are not liberal, you know, by nature. They're usually more industrious and hard-working.

WATTERS: But they did vote for President Obama --

O'REILLY: Big time.
WATTERS: -- and if you add the indigenous native Hawaiian population --
O'REILLY: About 20 percent.
WATTERS: -- to the Hispanic population, they outnumber whites by more than two to one.


Leave it to Bill O'Reilly to thoughtlessly insult 1.3 million people with one sweeping misstatement.
. . . I think O'Reilly's attempt to characterize Hawaii's Asian-American population is most insulting of all. Claiming that Asian-Americans are not liberal by nature because they are ‘hard working and industrious' is the kind of one dimensional and paternalistic attitude that we should have gotten past decades ago.
. . . Bill O'Reilly owes Hawaii and all Asian-Americans an apology. And the next time he visits our state, I encourage him to spend more time getting to know real people, and less time sitting next to the pool and grousing about what he thinks is going on ‘out there.'
~ Response from Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa, D-Hawaii, via KHNL

Bill O'Reilly is absolutely clueless, but he pontificates.
. . . We vote for liberals because we ARE liberal.

~ Distinguished actor George Takei on MSNBC's The Ed Show

Apparently Hawaiian voters all look the same to Bill O'Reilly.
~ Ryan Grenoble on Huff Post

In a shocking turn of events the majority of Asian Americans in the United States do not vote for The Neo-Confederacy, but have instead voted for Democrats.
~ comment by AnyM on Huff Post

Stick to making statements about people you really have an affinity for Bill, old, rich, and conservative white guys. You are on a bullet train to extinction.
~ comment by Cantab in Nashville on Huff Post

I guess O'Reilly gets his data on Hawai'ian drug addiction from Dog the Bounty Hunter. NO ICE IN PARADISE, YO!
~ comment by Pres.Beeblebrox on Wonkette

What is it about Opium dens that make those would-be conservative, slant-eyed, Asian bastards vote for Democrats?
~ comment by Serolf_Divid on Wonkette

I can see BillO at the beach in Hawaii, thinking "The tide goes in, the tide goes out, how does that work?".
~ comment by Ancient_Hacker on Wonkette

Asian people tend to respect education and self-discipline, which is why they aren't conservative in the weird US sense of the word.
~ comment by Kadzimiel on Media Matters

This is the GOP trying to reach out to the Asian American community.
~ comment by MikeyA on Media Matters

Now, Bill a joke - Q: How do you get an Irishman on the roof? A: Tell him drinks are on the house. Ahh, ha, ha, ha. Are you laughing, Bill. That was funny. Oh, was I blindly stereotyping Irishmen? :)
~ comment by EV on Media Matters

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