Sunday, September 1, 2013

Obama Baffles Media by Ordering Congress to Vote on Syria

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He's calling Congress's bluff - 'You want in on this? Fine.' And I can tell you the House vote on this is going to be tricky. There's going to be splits in both parties.
~ Chuck Todd on MSNBC

Doesn't this project weakness?
~ Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC

It puts him in a very tough spot. And they aren't going to take it up right away. Congress is coming back September 9, that's when they take it up. It's unclear what happens if he doesn't get the vote. Presumably he might still go ahead with the strike.
~ David Gregory on MSNBC

. . . the president has really rolled the dice right now. So there's not going to be any imminent U.S. strike until Congress comes back. It doesn't look like they're coming back before September 9th, so military action not going to take place this weekend or next week unless Congress comes back early. No indication, as I said, they will. But this is a major decision by the president. He is rolling the dice that the house and the Senate will support him. If the Senate does and the house doesn't, he didn't say what he would do.
~ Wolf Blitzer, CNN

. . . we are waiting for Congress to come back on September 9th. And I kept wondering during the coverage as I thought, you know, we would not have this extended coverage quite frankly this evening. After I heard the president, I said well there goes the news. It's two weeks, at least, before anything would happen until Congress meets.
. . . There was -- some people are concern because right after this, the president and John Kerry went to play golf right after his announcement. That's not great optics, is it?
. . . listen, I'm not saying that the president doesn't deserve to but the optics are very important. George Bush was criticized a lot for optics.
~ Don Lemon, CNN


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