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Bernie Supporters Trash the Nevada Dem Convention

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Hillary Clinton won the Nevada Caucus so the state convention should have been a simple matter of dividing up delegates between herself and Bernie Sanders.

But nothing in the 2016 election is EVER that simple. In fact, the Nevada Democratic Convention turned ugly due to the sore-loser attitude of his followers.

From Washington Post
Prior to the state convention, some Sanders supporters began an effort to shift the convention rules in a way that they viewed as more favorable to their candidate. One of those changes, the Las Vegas Sun reported, was a process for verifying voice votes; another took issue with the state party chairwoman, Roberta Lange, heading up the convention. Supporters at the event circulated petitions to the same end. The scene was set.

The first report from the credentials committee on Saturday morning indicated that Clinton had a slight edge in delegates. Sanders fans voted against that report, per Jon Ralston, and then demanded a recount – but this was simply a preliminary figure…. That was when the vote to approve the rules as written – Roberta’s Rules versus Robert’s Rules, as some Sanders backers dubbed them – was conducted by voice vote. The motion, seconded by a Sanders supporter, passed – which is when the room, in Ralston’s phrasing, “erupts.”

Jon Ralston had it right - the Bernie delegates "erupted" into anger, shouting, name-calling, and even chair-tossing. Eventually the place had to be shut down and the police were called in to make people leave the venue. Video of the melee is below. None of it bodes well for the Philadelphia Democratic Convention later this summer.

One of the problems was that 64 delegates for Bernie showed up, some of them apparently bused in from California. Obviously they couldn't participate in the Nevada Caucus, but that didn't stop them from shouting and raising a ruckus about how unfair the establishment is.

People behaved so badly, even shouting down Senator Barbara Boxer of California, that the police were called in to clear the building. The next day, Nevada Democratic Headquarters had to be closed due to threats.

From Las Vegas Review Journal
The convention is over, but the wider battle for order continues within the Nevada State Democratic Party. It’s playing out not in the shuttered headquarters, but on social media, where some Sanders backers relentlessly criticize and insult state party Chairwoman Roberta Lange. The outcry turned ugly over the weekend, when Lange’s cellphone number was posted online and she received death threats.
A Metropolitan Police Department spokesman confirmed Monday that the agency is investigating the threats. He declined to comment further, as the investigation continues.
Scores of voicemails and texts left on Lange’s cellphone and provided to the Las Vegas Review-Journal show that some came from out-of-state people.
“I’m a Democrat from Ohio,” one texted her. “What you did yesterday was despicable. Please resign and turn yourself over to authorities.”
Another texted: “Are you scared of us? Of Bernie? Are you that big of a coward?” Yet another texted: “You’re a piece of trash. You are embarrassing to this country. You make Americans look bad and make women look worse. Hillary isnt going to win!”

Scroll down this post for more examples of death threats and insults.

Update: John Oliver on Comedy Central Points Out
That the Whole Caucus System is a Failure

By Monday, outrage from the rest of the Democratic Party reached fever pitch. Everyone has heard enough shouting from the Bernibros, bots, and gals, thank you very much. No one has patience anymore for this crazy-ass takeover of our party by Independent Rand-Paul-Nader Libertarian types, and no one gives a crap about their "Revolution."

The Sanders team put out a statement on Monday, but it was too little, too late:

The Nevada Dems formally lodged a complaint with the DNC:

Chanting "Recount, Recount"

This video wrongly states that Bernie won Nevada.
Hillary actually won - this is posted for the background.

Senator Barbara Boxer begs crowd for civility
"Bernie is my friend. You want to boo me? You're booing Bernie."
"Keep on booing, and boo yourselves right out of this election."

One man in the crowd yelled at Boxer:
"Who gives a sh*t, b*tch?!!"

Police Action and Shut Down

Berners began to use social media to threaten Nevada Democratic Officials as well as Superdelegates.

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