Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hillary Running Against Bernie and Trump

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In spite of not winning the Indiana Primary, Hillary Clinton had a strong week as a candidate.

After Donald Trump accused her of playing the Woman Card, Hillary raised 2.4 million dollars by offering supporters a literal Woman Card for a donation.

She began the vetting process for Vice President, and of course Twitter had a few suggestions.

And she turned towards the general election in a big way with two ads targeting Trump:

Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders is still a major stumbling block for Hillary. He won Indiana possibly due to Independent and GOP cross-over votes. Even though the state was a virtual tie in delegates and Bernie's lead was slim, his followers once again saw it as "momentum" leading to the big prize of California at the end of the primary season.

And Bernie came out swinging at Hillary, telling her he wasn't going anywhere.

However, those able to #FeelTheMath and accept reality are realizing that the numbers are not in Bernie's favor, and he probably won't catch Hillary on delegates.

However, the Berniebot Believers are never going to give up, and most of them are never going to vote Hillary in the general election. And Bernie's surrogates are still calling for increased donations to keep them going, while building up hopes for a longshot win. It's a con game, and it isn't helping the Democratic Party.

The main lessons from this election year are clear: the Democratic Party needs to fix several things before next time. No more support for Independents pretending to be Democrats. No more open primaries allowing Republicans to tamper with our primaries, and hopefully no more unfair caucuses keeping turnout low.

As it stands now, Hillary and her supporters are having to turn toward the general election and Donald Trump while dealing with rabid Berniebots who basically regurgitate far-right memes about Hillary.

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