Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grinchy AZ Gov Jan Brewer Denies Dreamer Rights


Story from Talking Points Memo
The Republican governor signed an executive order saying Arizona had no plans to give government benefits, including drivers licenses, to the tens of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants in that state who would be getting work permits and immunity from deportation under President Obama’s new immigration policy.

But while the order sounded harsh, at least one high-ranking Democrat in Arizona quickly threw cold water on it, saying Brewer’s declaration appears to be little more than hot air.

“It doesn’t seem to really do anything,” state Senate Democratic Leader David Schapira told TPM. “I see it as her once again trying to grandstand on the issue of immigration.”

. . . Schapira pointed out that Arizona already had a number of strict immigration laws in place, including one that barred illegal immigrants from getting drivers licenses or state issued identification cards. The law may have already been interpreted to bar any newly immune immigrants from getting those state IDs, Schapira said. That means Brewer’s order effectively carried no weight at all.

After the order was issued, supporters of the program and the DREAM Act took to the streets of Phoenix in protest. Video from Air15 showed the protesters carrying signs and walking down Central Avenue toward the State Capitol.
~ ABC 15 in Phoenix, AZ

Denying young people who now can work the opportunity to drive legally, to more comfortably travel from one place to another – to get a job – is just hateful.
. . . The executive order probably wasn't necessary. A press release with a "reminder" about state law most likely would have done the trick, though in a less malicious way.
Issuing an executive order, on the other hand, is a good way to re-emphasize one's venomous feelings toward the Obama administration. And a governor who titles her book "Scorpions for Breakfast" is never lacking for venom.
~ E. J. Montini on Arizona Central

But if all these kids get an education and a good job, who will she get to mow her lawn for fifty cents an hour? And if they all start contributing and earning and paying taxes, how can she feed them into the state's private prisons? Wouldn't having all these productive young immigrants contributing to society take the wind out of the anti-immigrant bigots' sails? And worst of all, wouldn't helping these innocent kids who've grown up here make Obama look good? No, she can't has did none of that!
~ comment by Dem Message Center on AZ Central

~ comment by Lynne on Arizona Central

Let's think about it...Most of these students/young adults were brought here when Clinton or GW Bush were President. I know it's stunning for some of you Obama haters to realize.
~ comment by Edward on Arizona Central

It was afternoon, which means she'd been drinking. The nickname bestowed on her by staff at the Capitol: Otis. (The town drunk on the Andy Griffith Show.)
~ comment by Patty on Talking Points Memo

Az has been hotter-than-hell this last week. She seems the perfect governor for Hell.
~ comment by Suzi on Talking Points Memo

Shorter Jan Brewer: "We don't want them here at all--whether they're legal or not!"
~ comment by Luanne on Talking Points Memo


And your little dog, too.
~ comment by SteveSFM on Huff Post

I bet Jan constantly has to look up to see if a spinning house is coming down on her. Release those flying monkeys Jan.
~ comment by cantbreallife on Huff Post

Phonetically, poetically and quite possibly genetically.... she REALLY should be known as
Jan BRUJA (witch)
~ comment by bella citta on Huff Post

Gov. Brewer makes Cruella DeVille look like Mother Teresa. Does she realize how utterly hideous she looks to the rest of the country? I know she's no beauty queen, but her actions make her like Medusa, you know, the creature with snakes for hair.
~ comment by jannielee on Huff Post

She also signed a provision that forces fair-skinned brunettes to bite a poison apple.
~ comment by hcbrand on Huff Post

Her face certainly is a mirror of her soul.
~ comment by thinkingwomanmillstone on Huff Post

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