Friday, August 17, 2012

Outwardly Defining the Private Ryan

Via Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan Tumblr

How many adjectives are there?

He’s the cutest package that cruelty ever came in. He has a winning air of sad cheerfulness. He’s affable, clean cut and really cut, with the Irish altar-boy widow’s peak and droopy, winsome blue eyes and unashamed sentimentality.
Who better to rain misery upon the heads of millions of Americans?
He’s Scrooge disguised as a Pickwick, an ideologue disguised as a wonk. Not since Ronald Reagan tried to cut the budget by categorizing ketchup and relish as vegetables has the G.O.P. managed to find such an attractive vessel to mask harsh policies with a smiling face.
~ Maureen Dowd in The New York Times "When Cruelty is Cute"

Paul Ryan is 42 years old, looks a decade younger, and exudes a youthful energy that a graying President Obama may not be able to match deep into the fourth year of his presidency.
But does any of that really matter to younger voters?
~ Real Clear Politics

It’s like a gypsy put a curse on you. "Hello media, you will babble bulls**t until a sad-eyed man from the north country is chosen by a Mormon.
. . . Alright we get it, the guy’s a workout machine. He’s cut like Captain America, he can catch catfish with his bare hands. Is there any substance we can talk about here?”
. . . Those eyes, they’re just so blue. I just can’t look away.
~ Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Photobucket Photobucket
Via Gifs From Last Night Tumblr

Forget the budget: Paul Ryan is hot!
~ Headline on

Paul Ryan -- He's Hiding A 6 Pack!!!

The photo reveals Ryan has a flat tummy, and a low body fat percentage, as he's promised, but no six-pack abs. That's because this photo was taken about six months before Ryan started his workout take P90X, TMZ reports. The photo does not reflect Ryan's current bod, the site says: "sources close to Paul's abs tell us Ryan has totally transformed his midsection in the past couple of years ... and now he's totally shredded with a killer 6-pack."
~ Atlantic Wire


Do people actually think this guy is good looking? Put a propeller hat on him and he looks like the kid who shot spitballs in the back of the class. And his voice is not masculine at all.
~ comment by John Cochtosten on Huff Post

The problem is his abs are attached to his Gomer Pyle face
~ comment by citizenindie on Huff Post

I prefer my men with lips and a chin...but thanks.
~ comment by piaget2011 on Huff Post

He's as sexy as a pit of vipers.
~ comment by logic-a-go-go on Huff Post

Ryan cant let is see his torso. The "property of Koch brothers" tattoo would show.
~ comment by Tony Sanchez on Huff Post


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