Sunday, August 12, 2012

David Gregory Has a Crush on Buddy Paul Ryan

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I was just reminded recently that Paul Ryan, Congressman Ryan, who's now the powerful Budget [Committee] chairman in the House, was here as part of the Washington semester, probably my junior year. And he reminded me that we used to play pickup games, and there were some real ballers. Those were some rough games. That became a big part of the week.
~ MSNBC Newsman David Gregory via DC Sports Blog, 2-11-2011

As I watched David Gregory slobber and refer to Romney as “courageous” for choosing a tea bagger as a running mate, I wondered, why would Romney be considered “courageous” for picking a guy who is less robotic who he can hide behind and rely on to simply make fewer gaffes than he does?
~ GottaLaff on Political Carnival

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