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CNN's Jim Acosta - Dog Equals Dog Whistle?

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Blogger's Note: To question whether President Obama is a citizen of the United States is to spread a vicious lie believed mainly by crackpots and cuckoos. Obama was born in Hawaii which is one of the 50 states ~ we all learn that in 3rd grade ~ and his REAL birth certificate is on record - even the State of Arizona finally admitted that (except for Sheriff Joe Arpaio). The President's mother was an American citizen from Kansas, so even if he hadn't been born here, he would still be an American. Period. Just as we presume that even though Mitt Romney's father was born in Mexico, he was still an American because one or both of his parents were Americans.

The story about Mitt Romney's Dog Seamus riding on the roof of the family's station wagon was a story Mitt Romney freely chose to tell on himself because at one time he strangely thought it was funny. The story came from the candidate, and not from some outside source. The reason it went viral is because (A) it sounds like dog abuse and (B) it begs the question of whether Mitt Romney has good judgment, since he's running for President. At the worst it is really really stupid, and most sensible people wouldn't admit that they would treat their dog that way.

Strapping a Dog to the Roof ~ Stupid by choice
Being African American ~ Definitely not Stupid, and not a choice


The dog story is TRUE, while tales of Obama being foreign are FALSE. 
Truth does not equal a Lie.

Racism is not Funny just because Mitt snickers and the Tea Party crowd giggles.
Making fun of the way Mitt Romney treats his dog is not the same as Romney attacking Obama's race or citizenship.
Anyone in the media who believes that is an Idiot!

That is all . . . (Do I seem ticked off?  You betcha - Stop the Stupidity!)


I love being home in this place where Ann and I were raised, where both of us were born. Ann was born in Henry Ford Hospital, I was born in Harper Hospital. No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.
~ Mitt Romney speaking to a home crowd in Michigan, comparing his origins and skin color to Barack Obama's, and possibly forgetting that the President's mother was as white as Ann Romney


Tommy Christopher on Mediaite
Minutes later, Acosta, who is covering the Romney campaign for CNN, tweeted “My read: Romney shows he can take the dog on roof stuff and dish it back,” which is a bit like saying “My read: Hannibal Lecter shows that he can take the census stuff, and dish it back. With fava beans and Chianti.”

He followed that up by opining that “Isaac may be miles away. But Romney bringing the thunder today.”

Acosta also retweeted another user who noted that “Obama makes birther jokes, too,” to which Acosta added “Mugs too,” mugs, it should be noted, whose purpose was to mock the birther racists, not the President’s origin. Acosta’s observation is akin to saying that arsonists aren’t so different from firemen, since they both work with fire.

Two problems with that theory, Mr. Acosta.
The most obvious is, Romney actually DID leave his dog on the roof of his car during a 12 hour drive. Obama was born here, and has provided proof repeatedly.
The second problem is, the only people who believe the birther nonsense are racists, who use the manufactured controversy to insinuate that the black Obama is less than a "legitimate" American. And frankly, what is Romney implying with the "joke," anyway, except that he's more "legitimate" than President Obama?
What is CNN becoming?
~ Milt Shook on

Mitt Romney Reduced to Pointing Out His Whiteness to Voters
. . . The "dog on roof" stuff is jokes about something that Mitt Romney actually did. The birther stuff is made-up paranoid racist conspiracy theories attacking the very legitimacy of Obama's presidency. They are not the same "stuff." And anyway: Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio — avowed birthers, both of them — are speaking at the Republican national convention next week. Neither Gail Collins nor Seamus the dog have been invited to give addresses to the DNC, to the best of my knowledge.
~ Max Read on Gawker

Acosta, who’s “embedded” with the Romney camp and is part of the Worst Political Team on Television, fired off a tweet that read: “My read: Romney shows he can take the dog on roof stuff and dish it back.” Really? That’s “your read” — that Mitt Romney can return fire on his political opponents bringing up a 100% true story from his past by making a crack that references something that’s just as thoroughly not true? That’s what you got out of that? In that case, you’re a hack, Acosta, who shouldn’t be reporting on the student council race at Millard Fillmore Middle School, much less a presidential campaign.
Acosta’s really dumb tweet, which amounts to advocacy for the guy he’s likely been saddled with for months, shows the dangers of sticking one person with one campaign and leaving him or her there for almost the length of the contest. What happens is the correspondent turns into either a grade-A ass-kisser, given that there’s sometimes no way around becoming chummy with the people you see day-in-day-out, or, if the camp is purposely unresponsive to the wants and needs of the journalists covering it, he or she becomes a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Either way, it taints the coverage — and it’s bad not only for journalism but for the country.
~ Chez Pazienza on The Daily Banter

Transcript, Martin Bashir
Ari Melber, The Nation: It fries the circuit of the objective press and the D.C. press that only wants to keep score because they have to find something that Democrats have done that's as bad. But they don't have an echo repetitive racist argument coming from the Democratic Party . So they say, well, you made dog jokes, or the President's been negative, or the Democrats are spending a lot of money attacking Mitt Romney .

Martin Bashir: It's false equivalency.

Ari Melber: It's a false equvalency. And that's another big problem. This is not a place where the jokes are equal. This is not a place where the type of attacks are equal And I think it's very hard for a lot of the scorekeepers in D.C. to handle that. They don't know what to do with that.

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