Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rafalca Romney at the London Olympics


She was consistent and elegant. She did not disappoint. 
She thrilled me to death.
~ Ann Romney discussing Rafalca's Olympic performance

Romney's horse and rider unfazed by hype
~ Headline on Reuters UK

At one point, she appeared to give a snort of exhilarated delight, although, to be fair, it's not easy to say precisely what emotion a huge horse is aiming to convey; it could equally have been a snort of ennui or a snort of frustration at the Obama administration's glee over Mitt's gaffe-spree. Perhaps it was just her way of telling the predominantly British crowd that, like the Romneys, she was just happy to be in the UK.
~ Guardian UK

It’s a little silly, which we all agree on. It’s an athletic sport, and they’re going around in a top hat and tails. The attire is antiquated. It’s hard to understand, and it’s expensive. . . . At the lower levels, it is more accessible. It’s not like yachting. There’s no yachting for Joe Schmo. Anyone with a horse can learn from it.
~ Sara Lieser, managing editor of the "Chronicle of the Horse," in Wall Street Journal

Ann Romney's horse, Rafalca, competed in the individual dressage at the Olympics today. The horse's rider, USA's Jan Ebeling, got an overall score of 70.23 and is currently in 9th place.
The horse was not expected to medal, and Ann said after the event that she's "thrilled to death" by the performance.
The sport of dressage is actually incredibly boring. Here's a sampling of Rafalca's performance. It's pretty much this for 8 minutes (see gif below):
~ Business Insider

gif via Business Insider

The liberal group MoveOn is putting its anti-Mitt Romney message into his horse’s mouth in a new TV ad released Thursday.
The ad purports to feature Rafalca, the dressage horse co-owned by the Romneys, speaking to the camera about her upkeep.
~ The Hill

In our ad, voters hear the truth about Mitt Romney straight from the horse’s mouth: Romney seems to think many Americans deserve to be treated worse than a horse. There’s nothing wrong with taking good care of a horse, but there’s something messed up about a millionaire who spends twice what most Americans make in a year caring for a horse, but wants to take away people’s health care and offshore their jobs. We’re rooting for Rafalca and all of our Olympians to bring home the gold, but we’re sure not rooting for Mitt Romney to send jobs overseas. Voters had best steer clear of Romney unless they’re looking for a ride on a one-trick trickle down pony.
~ Justin Ruben, Executive Director of Political Action


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