Monday, August 13, 2012

NBC Really Loves Their Monkey


Another stumble in NBC's near perfect show of incompetence in the Olympic games, as it cut away from Ray Davies singing Waterloo Sunset to air Animal Practice, which is "a show about a fictional animal dr" according to a disgruntled tweet from Glee star Kevin McHale.
NBC cut out Kate Bush, The Who, and Muse, causing #NBCfail to trend worldwide.
The New Statesman

NBC Halts Olympics for Monkey Show
~ Headline in the St. Louis Tribune

Is NBC's Animal Practice the Most-Hated Show on Television?
Headline on Forbes

I don’t think NBC has ever run full pilots inside the Olympics before, which hopefully will drive a lot of attention. If we have 30 million viewers or 25 million viewers pouring into one of these previews, we’d be thrilled.
~ NBC entertainment head Bob Greenblatt, apparently clueless that fans would be furious if NBC screwed up once again.


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