Sunday, September 9, 2012

David Gregory Plays Softball with Mitt Romney



Lord and Lady Romney Meet The Press
. . . Romney’s half-hour with Gregory was like sitting in still-warm reused bathwater, with a film of half-truths and a couple of outright lies in the tub too. Ann Romney was present for the first half, mostly looking on worshipfully.
. . . Yet her Lady Romney persona emerged anyway, when she called it “ridiculous” that people say she and her husband don’t have empathy for those who struggle. Again, it helps to show empathy, not merely tell voters you have it, and dismissing your critics as “ridiculous” didn’t soften her edge. She also complained that her husband has been “demonized” by his opponents, but didn’t comment on a GOP campaign that’s depicted the president as a Muslim socialist with Kenyan anti-colonial values who “doesn’t understand America,” or even her own husband’s brazenly false claim that Obama got rid of the work requirement for welfare to “shore up his base.” Sorry, Ann, the world’s tiniest violin is playing a sad song for you somewhere, but not at my house.
~ Joan Walsh on Salon

Gregory threw more softballs than you'd see at a Ladies Slo-Pitch Tournament.
It was appalling. He's a "journalist"?
~ comment by AngryPoodle on Salon

I watched the Meet the Press Interview and once again Romney was vague on specifics and kept reciting studies which away to avoid answering questions.
Just another Smoke 'n Pony Show.
He does support Paul Ryan's plan to kill Medicare.
~ comment by Mike-InNY on Huff Post

Act II, Scene II of "The Mormon Expendables"...
GREGORY: (gushing) "Isn't it just so we are talking to (gasp) possibly the Next President..!
ROMNEY: (patronizingly) Yes, David, and it's so wonderful of me to take the time out of my schedule to offer absolutely no plans whatsoever for....You People.
(cue music of "Send In The Clowns.....)
~ comment by Fugitaboutit on Huff Post

Gregory pursued his agenda by cutting off Romney when the ex-Massachusetts Governor didn’t agree to with Gregory’s premise: “But are you going to, will you cut a deal to compromise even if it risks a conservative revolt?”
If Gregory lands a sit-down with President Obama before the election, will he push him to agree to budget cuts which will lead liberals to revolt?
~ Newsbusters

David Gregory? Is that idiot still trying to fill Tim Russert's shoes? If NBC had an ounce of brains, they would have realized upfront, that David Gregory would not even be able to find Tim Russert's shoes. It's beyone me why any GOP Candidate would waste their time talking to the likes of Gregory, Schieffer, et. al. They are DNC a$$wipes and nothing more.
~ comment by Steven S. on Newsbusters

In response to a question from host David Gregory about whether Mormons have "gotten past a level of persecution" that previously existed, Romney responded, "I'm sure a number of members of my faith are proud of the fact that someone of my faith and our faith is able to run for president."
"It's always wonderful when milestones like that are accomplished," said Ann Romney, appearing alongside her husband. "And I think that was why we were all so pleased with -- so many Americans were so pleased with the last election and seeing that a black man was elected as president of the United States. It made us proud as Americans to know that those prejudices that we've had in the past are -- are falling away."
. . . Ann Romney defended her husband's success on "Meet the Press," arguing that just because he is wealthy doesn't mean he lacks empathy for the poor.
"I know that people are suffering right now," she said. "And for people to think that we don't have empathy just because we're not suffering like they're suffering is ridiculous ... Our life has always been devoted to those that are struggling more than we are."
~ Quote via Huffington Post

His particular Mormon value of lying for the lord is demonstrated daily!
~ comment by Rod P. via Huffington Post

Thurston and Lovey need to keep a lid on the LDS stuff. The extreme right had almost forgot they were Mormons.
~ comment by Mrs. Mic on Huffington Post

I was under the impression from Mormons that I know tend to discount Social Security in favor of supporting their fellow Mormons in bad times. This is all fine and good, but we're not all Mormons.
~ comment by pangie on Huffington Post

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) is an *end times* religion. They believe that we are in the latter days of our earth and that the end is nigh. Why would someone who believes that ever worry about the environment? Or freedom to diverse faiths? Or freedom to do anything that isn't aligned with what they deem is righteous and ready for judgement day?
Why would any American want a President who is banking on a near future divine destruction of our planet?
~ comment by Tammo on Huffington Post


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