Sunday, September 9, 2012

Obama Bounce Makes Republican Heads Explode


Reuters/Ipsos Poll ~ Obama Lead Widens Over Romney
The latest daily tracking poll showed Obama, a Democrat, with a lead of 4 percentage points over Romney. Forty-seven percent of 1,457 likely voters surveyed online over the previous four days said they would vote for Obama if the November 6 elections were held today, compared with 43 percent for Romney.

"The bump is actually happening. I know there was some debate whether it would happen... but it's here," said Ipsos pollster Julia Clark, referring to the "bounce" in support that many presidential candidates enjoy after nominating conventions.

Obama had leapfrogged Romney in the daily tracking poll on Friday with a lead of 46 percent to 44 percent.

Politico ~ Romney Camp Admits that Obama Has Ohio Lead
Two officials intimately involved in the GOP campaign said Ohio leans clearly in Obama’s favor now, with a high single-digit edge, based on their internal tracking numbers of conservative groups. Romney can still win the presidency if he loses Ohio, but it’s extremely difficult.

Nate Silver: Obama May be Frontrunner Due to Convention Bounce
Mr. Obama had another strong day in the polls on Saturday, making further gains in each of four national tracking polls. The question now is not whether Mr. Obama will get a bounce in the polls, but how substantial it will be.
. . . The gains that Mr. Obama has made in these tracking polls over the past 48 hours already appear to match or exceed the ones that Mr. Romney made after his convention. The odds, however, are that Mr. Obama has some further room to grow.
. . . Mathematically, Mr. Obama has to have been running well ahead of Mr. Romney in the most recent interviews in these surveys to have made up for middling data earlier in the week.


Saying it does not make it true, Politico.
~ comment by cwt on Politico

Do not believe any polls that you see. If your vote is not included means nothing. Gallup has been theatened. Why ? I guess when the Acorn dead voters, along with the Mickey Mouse voters cast their will seem realistic that the race is close. It's the Chicago way.
~ comment by Dawny on Politico

You are a liar. Romney or Ryan did not say that. Typical Democrat B.S. If you say it does not make it so.
~ comment by Tickytoo1938 on Politico

I'm telling you right now these people are LIARS! As most people know without doubt is the fact most of the media are scum sucking Leftists that are hell bent on seeing this Socialist Clown re-elected. And one of the worst LIARS is politico! They are going to say/keep this lowlife (Hussein) in the lead all the way up to the election in an attempt to "suppress" the turnout for Romney. They of course are going to say that all this info they are getting saying that the Socialist Clown has the advantage in the election is coming from none other than Romney's campaign!!! BS!!! Who are these people from Romney's campaign that are saying this you lying aholes!?!?!?!?!?? And of course the answer they'll give is condidential sources! BS! That's what they say when their LYING!
~ comment by Chokeonit on Politico

Do you KNOW realize you voted for a LOW LEVEL AL SHARPTON....LOL You community organizing azzholles are the bottom of a septic system
~ comment by Fat_Wallet_J on Politico

Cowbrain women and stupid white men love Oguano
~ comment by LibCompactor on Politico

I have a theory that polling is taking longer to respond to events because of the overwhelming flow of information these days. I think, objectively, Mitt Romney did himself a disservice and Bill Clinton helped Barack Obama. The polling we are seeing right now is a reflection of Romney’s performance at the Republican National Convention and the build up to Bill Clinton.
And, right on cue, the cymbal clashing wind up monkeys of the Gang of 500 are banging cymbals for Barack Obama.
But let’s not kid ourselves — this spin has everything to do with Friday’s economic report.
The Obama campaign is masterful at playing puppet master to the Washington press corp and, to push the jobs report aside, they’ve gotten their friends at the Politico and elsewhere to declare the election over and ignore the jobs report.
~ Erick Erickson on Red State

Obama's Convention Bounce Will Deflate
. . . I can't fail to stress again that Gallup's job approval number is based on interviews with adults. While this might be of fleeting interest to a sociologist, it really doesn't tell us much about the upcoming election. Polls of adults skew heavily in favor of Democrats. Beyond that, it isn't particularly useful to put too much weight on a number based on a not-insignificant number of people who won't be voting. Looking at long-term trends in this number can, however, be interesting.
~ Mike Flynn of Breitbart, who seems to think that children can vote in the presidential election, as opposed to the adults considered by the Gallup Poll, some of whom were apparently Republicans also. I guess he means "adults" compared to "registered voters."

Prediction: Obama's numbers will begin to diminish in 10 days and continue to slowly decline til the election.
~ comment by Digitalpimple on Breitbart

Gallup is being blackmailed by Eric Holder, so I think we can just discount anything they report. In fact I think we can ignore all of their polls from now on.
~ comment by SineWaveII on Breitbart

And yet the Democrats are the winners. This country reflects their agenda as it has become a lively, vibrant, diverse tyranny in irreversible decline. The Democrats have won and they will increasingly force us all to acknowledge that. Their new push to criminalize free speech is their most recent act of evil and they will probably succeed. And there is no real opposition party. The Republicans are simply the government-approved opposition party where decent, if naive, Whites can gather in one place and make a convenient target.
~ comment by Imtellinya on Breitbart

Romney gets no bounce, and Obama does???....are the american people still that stupid??? or should I say Independents and Moderates.....I can understand the degenterants still adoring Obama, the Flukes, NARAL, the Jesse Jackson types, the freeloaders who want everything given to them, you get my point I am sure....this is oh so frustrating if americans with any ounce of common sense in them at all vote this commie in again.
~ comment by debra on Breitbart

I don't understand how this clown is even IN the race. WTH is wrong with people? Hell, Canada looks more like the USA now. I'm stunned--and very worried.
~ comment by Farmgirl on Breitbart

A Godless bounce should not be trusted.
~ comment by JerseyRocks on Breitbart

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