Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mitt's Univision Tantrum Trends on Twitter


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Trending on Twitter 9-22-2012

Buzzfeed: Romney's Tantrum at Univision

. . . according to Maria Elena Salinas, one of the Univision anchors who moderated the forums....
. . . Romney's team was allowed to bus in rowdy activists from around southern Florida in order to fill the extra seats at their town hall.
. . . Obama's campaign, meanwhile, stuck to the original parameters and allowed a large chunk of the tickets to be distributed to interested students on campus. The result was a quiet, well-behaved crowd — and a lot of no-shows. Minutes before Obama's forum was to begin, producers began frantically directing university staff and volunteers to sit in the empty seats.
. . . Romney's non-student activists ignored instructions to hold their applause.
. . . Salinas's co-anchor, Jorge Ramos, noted that the Republican candidate had agreed to give the network 35 minutes, and that Obama had agreed to a full hour the next night. Ramos then invited the audience to welcome Romney to the stage — but the candidate didn't materialize.
"It was a very awkward moment, believe me," Salinas said.
Apparently, Romney took issue with the anchors beginning the broadcast that way, said Salinas, and he refused to go on stage until they re-taped the introduction. (One Republican present at the taping said Romney "threw a tantrum.")



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