Saturday, September 15, 2012

Romney Joke Round-Up

Mitt Romney is not backing down from his statement that America's number one foe is Russia. Then he said America's number one band is Duran Duran and the number one movie is "The Goonies."
~ Conan O'Brien

Actually, members of Mitt Romney’s own party are starting to criticize him for being too vague. When asked if that bothers him, Romney said “Maybe.”
~ Jimmy Fallon

Mitt Romney is the reason the Star Wars cantina doesn't allow droids.
~ Hal Sparks on Twitter

Ann Romney: We have been through adversity. One time when our butler was sick, Mitt and I went to the supermarket to buy Lobster Helper
~ Chris Rock on Twitter

Romney released a new Spanish campaign ad. The ad ends with him saying, 'I'm Mitt Romney & I have no idea what these people are saying.
~ Chris Rock on Twitter

According to a new poll, Mitt Romney is at zero percent among African Americans. Here’s the sad part: That’s up 7 percent from last week.
~ Chris Rock on Twitter

Stocks rise to new multi-year highs as threat of Mitt Romney becoming President diminishes.
~ The Daily Edge

Mitt Romney could easily play all the roles in the Wizard of Oz. He has no brain, no courage, no heart, and hides what's behind the curtain.
~ Matt Murphy on Twitter

Crazy factoid: Mitt Romney defining $200,000 - $250,000 as middle income is like the 8th worst thing he's said this week.
~ Michael Cohen on Twitter

BREAKING: Mitt Romney to continue receive intelligence briefings from Herman Cain.
~ LOL GOP on Twitter

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