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Republicans Hope to Unskew the Polls

The Unskewed Electoral Map
Romney Wins
Via Examiner

The public polls are what the public polls are. I kind of hope the Obama campaign is basing their campaign on what the public polls say. We don’t. We have confidence in our data and our metrics.
. . . I will put our operation up against anybody’s. But at the end of the day, Ohio is going to come down to the wire and we’ll be in it down to the wire and I’m confident that we will win.
~ Romney Political Director Rick Beeson to reporters, via NBC News

Despite all the noise created by all those media-commissioned skewed polls that appear to have President Obama leading, Mitt Romney is actually winning the presidential race as of today.
~ Dean Chambers on


From BuzzFeed
Dean Chambers, a blogger on who writes from his home in Duffield, Virginia, took that complaint a step further — producing wide Romney leads far beyond what the Republican's campaign or Republican pollsters have suggested is the case.
He created the site, retooling national polling data this July after reading an ABC News/Washington Post poll that "just didn't look right." Looking at the internal data, Chambers saw that the polling unit had sampled more Democrats than Republicans.
"There's no way they can justify that sample," Chambers, 44, told BuzzFeed.
Since July, Chambers has re-weighted national polling data from organizations like Gallup, ARG, and the three networks, to fit the Rasmussen Reports partisan trends. Chambers has published 30 "unskewed" polls on his website and on, a national network that pays independent bloggers on a wide range of subject by traffic. In the last month, Chambers's tooled polls have Romney up by seven or more points.

You can think of UnSkewed Polls as the web site equivalent of Advil. You take the site two times a day for relief from all the aches and pains caused by ingesting data from the usual polls, skewed by the oversampling of Democrats, resulting in depressing supporters of Team Romney.
Warning label: Taking UnSkewed Polls twice daily may cause delusions and euphoria.
~ Myra Adams on the Conservative website Red State

The only reason anyone thinks Obama is leading today are the polls. If this were 1920 and no polls existed I suspect the presumption would be that the race was close but the challenger has the upper hand. Instead we have a daily inundation of polls that tell us (in aggregate and on their face) that Barack Obama is ahead.
~ barleycorn on Red State

Trouble is, Mitt's data comes from brunches with millionaires, church surveys, and homeschoolers.
~ comment by Jake2247 on NBC's First Read

What is interesting is that no Republican has ever won the Presidency without Ohio.
Yet President Obama can lose Ohio and Florida and still win.
If Romney loses Florida he cannot win {period}
~ comment by Dennis,Columbus,Ohio on NBC's First Read

The polls are screwed. They're plucking out liberal [responders].
~ Kathilyn Bigler of Oakwood, Ohio, quoted by Huffington Post

It looks more like it's Mitt that's screwed.
~ comment by NorthernObservations on Huffington Post

Reminds me of lyrics in an old Paul Simon song. Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
~ comment by poobah on Huffington Post

Romney: We will not be dictated to by facts, reality, or decency, all of which are tools of the 47% entitled class.
~ comment by LTmemOree on Huffington Post

Romney internal poll: 80% of the people working on the Romney campaign are going to vote for Romney. 20% are undecided.
~ comment by PJWhite530 on Huffington Post


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