Friday, September 28, 2012

Ann Romney "Obviously" Worried About Mitt's Mental Health


You know, I think my biggest concern, obviously, would just be for his mental well-being.
~ Ann Romney to CBS News in Reno, Nevada

7:08 into the video:
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I've been concerned about Romney's mental health for quite awhile now. He clearly has problems relating to others, and if his children's testimony about his eccentric parsimoniousness is to be believed, he has, at the very least, a bad case of OCD.
~ comment by krusher on AmericaBlog

Is she really saying he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown - or worse?
~ comment by AttyFam on CBS News

I think Ann does not want Mitt to be elected. How else to explain her various comments?
~ comment by sandiegopete on CBS News

Mitt's "mental well being"?? Good Gawd Ann, why don't you just come and say you don't want him to win. It's just "too hard".
~ comment by LindaG20 on CBS News

She just cost him another half point in the polls with that comment.
~ comment by Mr. Reasonable on Yahoo News

So, she is working hard(ha ha) to help her husbond get a job that she thinks may make him more mentally unstable than he already is. Hmmm
~ comment by John on Yahoo News

Exactly. And that is why I am not voting for him---he's nuts!
~ comment by AYahooUser on Yahoo News

Ann nailed it. That's my biggest concern also.
~ comment by WarrenERock on Yahoo News

Is she saying he's crazy?
~ comment by Piriopolis on Yahoo News

His mental well being, He debates himself constantly. He changes his mind like the wind.
~ comment by MasterBlaster on Yahoo News

Place sound-effect of "Pac-man's" losing "end-of-game"..........THERE.↑
~ comment by UseReasoning on Yahoo News

Queen Ann's not doing too well herself. "Stop it! You p-p-p-people!"
~ comment by Bob on Yahoo News

I think most of the country, and much of the world share her fears.
~ comment by Anatolian on Yahoo News

Take a good look ladies & gentlemen because this will be the last time you will ever see Ann Romney talk to anyone with a microphone
~ comment by citizenx on Daily Kos

WOW Stepford Ann
The stoopid it burns!
~ comment by BlueFranco on Daily Kos

She's trying too hard to be candid and folksy.
~ comment by weatherdude on Daily Kos

Candid Camera is doing them both in. I swear to the Goddesses, The Romneys are stealing the thunder of The Onion.
~ comment by KayCeSF on Daily Kos

OK, the two of them are just punking us now. This is just an elaborate performance art piece, on a scale Andy Kaufman could never imagine.
~ comment by kenlac on Daily Kos

Ann of Unstables
~ comment by YuccaPete on Daily Kos

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