Saturday, September 22, 2012

Romney's Downward Spiral Continues

NBC ~ The Office

Hell Week for Romney

You're the kind of person
You meet at certain dismal dull affairs.
Center of a crowd, talking much too loud
Running up and down the stairs.
Well, it seems to me that you have seen too much in too few years.
And though you've tried you just can't hide
Your eyes are edged with tears.

You better stop
Look around
Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes
Here comes your nineteenth nervous breakdown.

~ The Rolling Stones

Preview of Romney's 60 Minutes Interview, via Politico
Scott Pelley:
Governor, I appreciate your message very much. But that wasn't precisely the question. You're the CEO of this campaign. A lot of Republicans would like to know, a lot of your donors would like to know, how do you turn this thing around? You've got a little more than six weeks. What do you do?

Mitt Romney: Well, it doesn't need a turnaround. We've got a campaign which is tied with an incumbent president to the United States...
... I've got a very effective campaign. It's doing a very good job. But not everything I say is elegant. And I want to make it very clear, I want to help 100 percent of the American people.

As Romney walked back to the plane to shake hands with the five individuals who drove vans in the motorcade, your pooler asked Romney if he was going to be campaigning a little harder from here on out.
”Ha ha. We’re in the stretch aren’t we? Look at those clouds. It’s beautiful,” he said, pointing to the sky. “Look at those things.”
~ Romney quoted by Pool Reporter Jon Ward, via Washington Post


Mitt Romney Says, “I Am The Confidence Fairy!”
~ Paul Krugman on New York Times

Can Romney Dig Himself Out of This Hole?
It may be impossible now for Mr. Romney to unite his party behind him. Right-wingers and Tea Partiers never liked him to begin with. Now, he looks like a loser, to boot.
~ The Globe and Mail

Buzzfeed: Romney's Tantrum at Univision
. . . according to Maria Elena Salinas, one of the Univision anchors who moderated the forums....
. . . Romney's team was allowed to bus in rowdy activists from around southern Florida in order to fill the extra seats at their town hall.
Obama's campaign, meanwhile, stuck to the original parameters and allowed a large chunk of the tickets to be distributed to interested students on campus. The result was a quiet, well-behaved crowd — and a lot of no-shows. Minutes before Obama's forum was to begin, producers began frantically directing university staff and volunteers to sit in the empty seats.
. . . Romney's non-student activists ignored instructions to hold their applause.
. . . Salinas's co-anchor, Jorge Ramos, noted that the Republican candidate had agreed to give the network 35 minutes, and that Obama had agreed to a full hour the next night. Ramos then invited the audience to welcome Romney to the stage — but the candidate didn't materialize.
"It was a very awkward moment, believe me," Salinas said.
Apparently, Romney took issue with the anchors beginning the broadcast that way, said Salinas, and he refused to go on stage until they re-taped the introduction. (One Republican present at the taping said Romney "threw a tantrum.")


The only thing anyone will remember from the Univision forum, of course, is Miffed’s disastrous brownface. According to Salinas, the makeup lady swore it was just Miffed being sunburned. We’d imagine it’s more along the lines of The Help sh***ing in the chocolate pie. But we’re sure that Great American Hero makeup lady is right, because that way she gets to keep her job.
~ Wonkette

. . . there are other perfectly reasonable explanations as to why Romney would have sashayed onto the Miami Univision set oranger than John Boehner with jaudice. He could actually have jaundice, in which case this is no laughing matter. He could have been having a very sensitive skin day. Maybe his makeup artist went blind and Romney didn't have the heart to fire him. Maybe he was sending a subliminal message to Snooki. And, of course, the possibility exists that this is Mitt Romney running out of f***s to give and choosing to run the most entertaining screw-up of a campaign the US has ever seen from this point onward.
~ Jezebel

God preserve you if you have any idea what's happening inside Mitt Romney's brain. After a week that was already the worst of his campaign, it's as if the man said, "Oh, yeah? Watch this," and pulled back the hyperdumb levers of his magical farting machine, the Mittlennium F***up.
The Romney campaign not only appears determined to go nowhere but to do it as quickly as possible. It is the fastest hunk of junk in the political galaxy. All Romney had to do was withhold information, as was his wont for almost everything else during the campaign, and he'd have been fine....
...But his tax returns—the things most non-wonks had forgotten about—well, we needed a steaming heap of those to change the narrative of his steaming heap of a week. On Friday, we got them.
. . . The amazing thing is, he can top this. If Mitt Romney's proved nothing else, it's that he can snatch another wholly unimaginable blunder from the jaws of the unnecessary. Just you wait.
~ Gawker: Romney's Orgy of Creative Self-Destruction

On the Romney "Reboot"
Oh, oh - you always reintroduce the candidate three weeks after the Convention. Sorta like saying to a girl, "Come on . . . just go on a seventh date with me. I'll grow on you."
~ Jon Stewart on the Daily Show


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