Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chris Christie Tries to Deflect and Dissemble on #BridgeGate

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Investigations of wrong-doing are rising faster than orange cones on Bridge to Fort Lee, but Governor Chris Christie keeps insisting that there's nothing to see, that he knows nothing, and that he's already fired those responsible. But the emails and text messages released so far paint a very different picture of Christie's closest associates as they dealt with criticism over the closure of the George Washington Bridge.


The last week has certainly tested this administration. Mistakes were clearly made. And as a result, we let down the people we are entrusted to serve. I know our citizens deserve better. Much better.
I am the governor and I am ultimately responsible for all that happens on my watch - both good and bad.
And without a doubt we will cooperate with all appropriate enquiries to ensure that this breach of trust does not happen again.But I also want to assure the people of New Jersey today that what has occurred does not define us, or our state.
~ Chris Christie quoted by CBS News


Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen Sing
"Governor Christie's Traffic Jam"
("I gotta take a leak!")

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We know everybody's fascinated by BridgeGate, and the reality is that we'd all like to go to the last chapter of the book and see what is the conclusion here. That's not responsible. There needs to be a methodical and systematic approach to this.
~ Rep. Louis Greenwald, D-NJ, Majority Leader of New Jersey Assembly

This is part of a pattern, of retribution, of calling people names. But this is carried to the point of ...really a vicious act. He put thousands and thousands of people in jeopardy. There were little kids, Kindergartners and First Graders going to school for the first day, caught in traffic jams. It was the week of the 9-11 observance and apparently and from the press reports we've seen the Governor and two of the main characters in this drama (Weinstein and Baroni) spent some time at the observance. You mean they never whispered 'there's something going on in Fort Lee'?
~ State Senator Loretta Weinberg on Rachel Maddow MSNBC

From the Washington Post:
A photo published by The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday shows Christie appearing in New York with David Wildstein at a ceremony commemorating the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The traffic jam began Sept. 9 and lasted four days.
The photo's release comes shortly after Christie, at a nearly two-hour news conference last week, downplayed his interactions and relationship with Wildstein, who attended the same high school. Christie said he hadn't encountered Wildstein in "a long time."
"I have had no contact with David Wildstein in a long time, a long time -- well before the election," Christie said, referring to his Nov. 5 reelection win. "You know, I could probably count on one hand the number of conversations I've had with David since he worked at the Port Authority. I did not interact with David."

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