Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rightwing Conspiracy Theory - CBS Censored Ted Cruz

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The Right Wing smells a new conspiracy - CBS edited Ted Cruz on Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer last Sunday. Apparently they didn't notice how Cruz was rambling on about Obamacare and denying that he was to blame for the government shutdown. Schieffer asked him at least three times to clarify his statements before he cut to another guest. But no one on the far right will ever let go of a good conspiracy theory! Maybe Cruz can come back to Face the Nation and ramble crazy again, perhaps during the GOP Primary - please proceed, Senator.

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Apart from being the victim of Schieffer’s accusations that the Tea Party senator was to blame for the shutdown, it also appears that Mr. Cruz was the victim of editing by CBS.
~ Newsbusters

UGH: CBS Face the Nation cuts out RED MEAT portion of Ted Cruz interview, exposing OBAMA’S ABUSE OF POWER
This morning on CBS’s Face the Nation, hosted by Bob Schieffer, almost a full minute from Ted Cruz’s interview, where he went after the president for his abuses of power, were completely cut from the interview. It looked rather abrupt when it happened and was fairly clear they edited the interview, but host Bob Schieffer never mentioned it nor apologized for it to the viewers which is pretty irresponsible to those watching it live or DVR’ing it.
~ The Right Scoop

CBS News Denies they Edited Cruz Unfairly: 

This was not uncommon at all, this was a quick turnaround pre-tape. That just happened to be at the end so it was easy to trim for turnaround. And we had breaking news of the [Maryland mall] shooter's name ... We had already gone overtime, that is pretty much the gist of it.
~ CBS Spokesperson via Media Matters


They cut it out bc they couldn't stand to hear anything negative about their Messiah
~ Phillycon on Right Scoop

Shades of fat Katie Couric leaving the best parts of the Palin interview on the cutting room floor!
~ Guest on Right Scoop

Wow, what a class a A-hole. What a bunch of A-holes. CBS (Certified Bull Shite company) The whole bunch of them CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and all of the rag newspapers ought to be forced to look every American in the eyes and confess their shameless lying to America. After wards they should be publically caned.
~ armyvet10 on Right Scoop

Apparently its tough for an old turd like Schieffer to contain their contempt.
Good - let the nation see the bias in all of its partisan ugliness.
~ Skeeter on Free Republic

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