Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rep. Michael Grimm R-NY Threatens Reporter With Bodily Harm

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This happened after the State of the Union Speech on Tuesday night: a reporter for the New York One station named Michael Scotto was interviewing Representative Michael Grimm R-NY, asking about a political donor scandal that has been in the news for months. Grimm flipped out and went completely thug, threatening to hang the reporter by his bootstraps or worse:

From NY1 News
Grimm: "Let me be clear to you, you ever do that to me again I'll throw you off this f-----g balcony."

Scotto: "Why? I just wanted to ask you..."

[[cross talk]]

Grimm: "If you ever do that to me again..."

Scotto: "Why? Why? It’s a valid question."

[[cross talk]]

Grimm: "No, no, you're not man enough, you're not man enough. I'll break you in half. Like a boy."

In a statement, Grimm said,

“I was extremely annoyed because I was doing NY1 a favor by rushing to do their interview first in lieu of several other requests. The reporter knew that I was in a hurry and was only there to comment on the State of the Union, but insisted on taking a disrespectful and cheap shot at the end of the interview, because I did not have time to speak off-topic. I verbally took the reporter to task and told him off, because I expect a certain level of professionalism and respect, especially when I go out of my way to do that reporter a favor. I doubt that I am the first Member of Congress to tell off a reporter, and I am sure I won’t be the last.”

What was Grimm so ticked-off about? Well . . . he's in hot water:


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