Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Inaugural Day for Chris Christie

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It was a bitterly cold day in New Jersey as Governor Chris Christie was sworn in for his second term, and his celebration on Ellis Island was canceled due to the Polar Vortex. Probably not the wonderful time he and his wife had been imagining with all the subpoenas and the controversy. But that's okay - they simply pretended nothing was wrong! Also sworn in was the Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno who allegedly threatened to withhold Hurricane Sandy funds from the Mayor of Hoboken, but she was all smiles too. Well, I guess they should enjoy life while they have the luxury and before more stuff hits the fan, and I don't mean snow. Also some of the other Republicans have begun to throw snowballs at Christie, and that's got to hurt. But not as much as possible jail time and losing your career and all chances of EVER being President of the U.S. - that's really being out in the cold.

His speech itself was a mix of bromides, clich├ęs, political red meat and his characteristic self-absorption, with the use of the first-person pronoun nearly 20 times by my count. And this is a period of intended new humility for the White House wannabe.
“I believe in you, New Jersey, and I always will,” he declared Tuesday afternoon, as if there could be no greater affirmation than his own faith in the state. Lucky citizens!
Christie was greeted warmly when introduced. The standing ovation he received, presumably from the friends, family and political allies he invited to his inaugural, suggested a circling of the wagons by the committed.
~ James Warren, New York Daily News

He's a friend of mine. He's a good friend of mine. He's a good guy, but you know, he's one email away from a disaster.
~ Donald Trump on Chris Christie

He does not serve the goals of that organization by staying as chairman (of the Republican Governors Association).
From the perspective of setting aside this as an issue in other races, it makes sense for him to step aside. That doesn't mean any of the charges political or otherwise are substantive or not, it doesn't matter. Perception is reality.
~ Republican Ken Cuccinelli, recent gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, on CNN's Crossfire

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