Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ex-Virginia Gov Bob McDonnell and Wife Indicted

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No wonder Bob McDonnell didn't care about the women of Virginia who protested his draconian and scary Vaginal Ultrasound law - he and his wacky wifey Maureen were too busy helping themselves to the spoils at the Governor's Mansion. And now they've been indicted for taking gifts in exchange for favors, otherwise known as "Quid Pro Quo." They are officially the poster family for shallow and money-grubbing politicians. And GOP wanted to run this guy for President? Boy, they really know how to pick 'em - isn't that right, Chris Christie?

From CNN Political Ticker
The 14-count indictment, culminating a lengthy investigation of their relationship with a Virginia business executive, alleges fraud by a public official, false statements, and obstruction.
Gifts valued at a minimum of $140,000 in total included designer clothes, a Rolex watch, golf clubs, iPhones and a painting, according to a list of items included in the indictment.
Within hours of the indictment, McDonnell's legal team launched a forceful attack on the government's case.
. . . "It has been a long time since the Roman Emperor Caligula imprisoned people for violating laws written in tiny lettering on a pillar too high to see," the lawyers wrote in making a comparison to the federal government's case against McDonnell.

From Stylecaster
The total financial worth of the things they accepted, according to the official indictment, is “no less than $140,805″ and is comprised of Louis Vuitton shoes, a Peter Som dress, two Oscar de la Renta gowns, Rebecca Minkoff shoes, and a few pieces of Armani for good measure, among other goodies.
So why, exactly, does this warrant the attention of the federal government? According to the indictment, the gifts came from Jonnie Williams, the head of a troubled nutritional supplement company who allegedly plied the McDonnells with expensive presents in exchange for the promotion of his business.

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