Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cathy McMorris Rodgers Gives Stepford SOTU Response

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Cathy McMorris Rodgers R-Washington seems like a nice lady, but her response to the President's State of the Union Speech was a big snore. The main problem was she gave more of a stump speech for herself and ABOUT herself and family than a response to the Presdident. Whoops! She needed more response in her response, and that's probably the nicest thing anyone can say about it. However, if she ever wants to be President of the Spokane Elementary PTA, this speech would probably get her the job.

Obama gives an hour plus long, solid, concise, and detailed speech rooted in the reality of governing and this is the Repubs 12 minute response? OK. 
~ Rupert D. on YouTube

Like most Americans I woke up this morning asking myself "Does Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers really have the most wonderful husband and family in the whole wide world?" I've written to Politifact and Fact Checker to look into this burning issue for America.
~ Nicholas L. on YouTube

Cathy John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt McMorris Rodgers. . . . Wasn’t she a treat? Did you like it as she simpered and unfortunate-necklined her way into your heart, where the real State of the Union lives? Us too! We are sold on her vision for America, even though the speech didn’t really explain what that was. “Anything but the black guy” may be a rallying cry, but does not actually count as a plan to run a country, much to the GOP’s chagrin.
So, what is America’s new Super Sweetheart SuperMom like? Besides being remarkably fecund while in office, having 3 babbies in 6 years, all during her Congressional terms, she is otherwise pretty much your garden variety little snipe of a Republican, but with lady parts, which makes her extra well-suited for reaching out to ladies, because their uteri can all quiver in harmony or bow down before a really busy uterus like Cathy’s or something like that.
~ Wonkette

I am just going to out and out say it. Cathy McMorris Rodgers was TERRIBLE. It was just about impossible to take her seriously during the entire address. It was almost entirely due to her delivery. We all knew what she would be discussing. It was going to be a by-the-numbers Republican refutation of everything that the President stands for, and that is exactly what we got
~ Justin Baragona on Politicus USA

She spoke about her kids and growing up in Kettle Falls, and reiterated the standard Republican criticisms of the Afforable Care Act. She mentioned Sgt. Jacob Hess of Spokane, a marine who died last month in Afghanistan. While speaking about health care, she also said she’d received a letter from “Bette in Spokane” about her insurance premium going up $700.
In total, she mentioned Spokane twice — and the Internet blew up with people confused about why she was talking about Spokane so much.
~ Inlander Blog


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