Thursday, December 13, 2012

Norquist Makes Weird Statements on C-Span ~ Updated with More Snark


From Raw Story
Obama will be on a very short leash, fiscally speaking, over the next four years,” Norquist told C-SPAN on Thursday. “He’s not gonna have any fun at all.”

He may decide to go blow up small countries he can’t pronounce because it won’t be any fun to be here, because he won’t be able to spend the kind of cash he was hoping to.”

The Americans for Tax Reform founder also said that “we” Republicans in the House and Senate would force the president to make spending cuts before passing any continuing resolutions, suggesting the threat of a government shutdown if conservatives did not get their way.

Grover Norquist is a Racist Manchild
First of all, what does he mean by “we, the Republicans in the House and Senate?” Did Norquist become an elected member of congress while I wasn’t watching? Has he been appointed by Nikki Haley?
And secondly, will someone please fetch Grover his binky?
Setting aside the childish implication that the president is going to “blow up” nameless countries for fun, I take it as more than just a little racist to claim you’re going to place the black president on a leash because he’s an uncontrollable spender when we all know he’s nothing of the sort.
~ J.M. Ashby on

How delusional is this fool. Who elected him to high office. He talks about the President as if he is talking about a dog or a slave. These right wing bigots have not got he message that they LOST..
~ comment by Marie B. on Mediaite

Grover Norquist may decide to blow small woodland creatures for money if his con game is found out.
~ comment by The_Plasmatics on Mediaite

Yeah, I think Grover was one of those who also predicted Obama would be a one-term president. How did that prediction work out Grover?
~ comment by concentric1 on Huff Post

Well I'll come out and say it..... Grover you are a poopyhead!
~ comment by sonwinks on Huff Post

...bitter party of one, your table is ready...
~ comment by Carlos A. on Huff Post

Grover, Grover, it's ALL OVER. No one voted for YOU. You are a PAID LOBBYIST and an unpatriotic little twerp. You have not changed your 'small government' stance since high school. Well, government is not a small child, and YOU will NOT drown it in a bathtub, because you, Grover, will soon just be a faint memory, as will all those who signed YOUR pledge instead of upholding the Constitution and representing the people who PAY their salaries. Please, please, please something productive. Setting your hair on fire would be nice distraction, and will help reduce our heating bills this winter, since dopes like you don't know how to extinguish the flames you like to start. And when you DO set your hair on fire, don't slap yourself silly trying to put out the fire. Kindly stand still so we can toast some marshmallows before we sit back to enjoy the spectacle.
~ comment by KrazyKitty on Huff Post

He recruits new Democratic voters each time he speaks.
~ comment by TitaniumAvatar on Huff Post

Republicans know a thing or two about launching unnecessary wars.
~ comment by Daman on ThinkProgress

Freudian slip, there; he runs the Republicans in the House and Senate so effectively and for so long that he forgot that the puppetmaster is not supposed to be actually visible to the audience.
~ comment by Teresa B. on ThinkProgress

This is called 'Freudian Projection'. A narcissist like Grover is only able to attribute to others his own motives because he lacks any empathy.
~ comment by Gene G. on ThinkProgress

Whenever tempted to take Grover Norquist seriously as a human being, it's helpful to recall his name is a perfect anagram for Governor Squirt.
~ comment by James O. on ThinkProgress

As is the case when you start ignoring a bully, they just get louder and more ridiculous. There is no "we" when Norquist talks. He is one man, without any votes or public support, who is now watching the limited power he had fade away as it should.
~ comment by The Reality Dig on ThinkProgress

~ comment by Clarence on ThinkProgress

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