Saturday, December 1, 2012

David Gergen Upset that Obama Acts Like a Winner


Republican Pundit David Gergen on CNN
Instead of turning the GOP willingness to deal on taxes into a win-win, the White House seemingly wants to humiliate them by insisting they cave entirely on increasing tax rates -- or take responsibility for going over the cliff. Instead of sitting down and negotiating directly with leaders from the other side in private getaways, as presidents like Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan did, the president launches a campaign-style offensive against them.
. . . What we are seeing, I regret to say, looks very much like a movie we have seen before: The side that wins an election thinks the public has given them permission to steamroll the other side, pushing through their favorite ideas willy-nilly. Sometimes, they partially succeed, but before long, there is a backlash, and Washington comes to another grinding halt.

He is of the school which says: when Republicans win, Democrats must cave, when Democrats win, Democrats must compromise.
~ AlexThorne on Daily Kos

Why Should Obama Make Nice?
Give no quarter. Use the bully pulpit. Travel around the country. Get people on your side.....our side.
Obama just got reelected. He has political capital to spend. Spend it in the most delicious way possible by helping the middle class. Help the middle class. You help the economy.
It's not exactly rocket science......except perhaps for David Gergen.
~ comment by snapples on Daily Kos

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