Friday, December 7, 2012

Ann Coulter Schools Sean Hannity on GOP Reality


Transcript Via Huffington Post
Ann Coulter: . . in the end, at some point, if the Bush tax cuts are repealed and everyone's taxes go up, I promise you Republicans will get blamed for it. It doesn't mean you cave on everything, but there are some things Republicans do that feed into what the media is telling America about Republicans.

Sean Hannity: So are you saying that, for PR purposes, that they should give in to Obama on the tax rate?

Ann Coulter: Not exactly, I . . . Well, yeah, I guess I am.

Sean Hannity: You're saying capitulate to Obama? We don't have a revenue problem, Ann.

Ann Coulter: We lost the election, Sean!


Sean Hannity: If they're going to raise taxes and buy Obama's argument, and co-opt his language, then basically we've got the Democratic Party Lite.

Ann Coulter: They're not going to allow taxes to be raised on 98% of America because they have to keep their eye on what happens two years from now.

Sean Hannity: You like Obama!

Ann Coulter: No, I don't.


Sean Hannity: There comes a point in time when you gotta ask yourself 'when are you going to fight?' And you're telling me they should put their media concerns and PR ramifications of this above their principles. We didn't elect them to raise rates on--

Ann Coulter: Not exactly.

Sean Hannity: We didn't elect them to raise rates on anybody--

Ann Coulter: They're going to lose!

Sean Hannity: Sometimes on principle you gotta stand and educate the country--

Ann Coulter: What principle?

Sean Hannity: The principle--

Ann Coulter: The principle that we want to raise taxes on everyone?


Ann Coulter: If they block tax hikes on the top 2% tax earners, not the rich, then taxes go up for everyone. How is that winning?

. . . if this segment doesn’t say “Republicans in disarray,” I don’t know what does.
~ Newshounds

In my wildest dreams, which never include Ann Coulter, but I have wild dreams. And in my wildest dreams never, never did that happen.
~ Lawrence O'Donnell on Last Word, MSNBC

There's two kinds of retreat, right? There's the orderly retreat, then there's the sloppy everyone running into each other and falling down on the field retreat. That (Coulter and Hannity) is the bumping into each other cartoon and falling down over each other retreat.
It's hilarious - Ann Coulter trying to talk sense into Sean Hannity, who - let's just face it - he doesn't want his own taxes to go up. This is private-jet Sean. He doesn't want his own taxes to go up. He's in desperation 'cause he knows they've already lost.
~ Joy Reid of The Grio on Last Word, MSNBC

It's amazing that Ann Coulter is the voice of reason.
~ Ari Melber of The Nation on Last Word, MSNBC

Three things are possible here and they are: 1) Ann sobered up & 2) The Mayans were right 3) Hell has frozen over.
Who would have thought Coulter would EVER have said to raise taxes on the rich???? Not I that's for sure.
~ comment by Lynn on Huffington Post

What is this, opposite day?
~ comment by CaptainZero1969 on Huff Post

It is surely the end times. Ann Coulter agreeing with Barack Obama. Dec 21st, here we come, the Mayans were right!!! LOL!
~ comment by krenzny on Huff Post

Ann Coulter must have gotten pretty nervous when FOX cracked down on Rove and Morris. How else to explain lucidity from her?? It is a circus act and she wants to continue to get paid.
~ comment by jack1105 on Huff Post

The writing is on the wall and some of them read faster than the others.
~ comment by Tom S on Huff Post

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