Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hilarious Soliloquy About GOP


Written by Artist Steve Brodner from Mother Jones - "Our Elephant Ouroboros" - all about the Cray-Cray of the GOP

The Hungry, Hungry Elephant

I was delighted to be asked to illustrate a package featuring a piece by the great Kevin Drum about the GOP, the Party of Crazy.

How best to describe a political party taken over by right-wing zealots bent on self-destruction? As Senator Lindsey Graham says: "We're not generating enough angry white guys."

So how about an elephant eating itself? How would that look?

Even after a major defeat the Republicans seem to be having a hard time not pissing off Americans who aren't millionaires or lovers of Fox News.

So what kinds of things have they been telling themselves about Barack Obama?

Well, he's a secret Muslim, speaks Arabic, would bring 100 million Muslims to "Islamify" America. Obama's wedding ring has Koranic verse engraved on it.

Uh, did you know that he's the "Lizard Overlord"? This apparently is in the Bible.

Two reporters from The Daily Caller wrote a book called The Lizard King, a shocking account of Obama's intergalactic ambitions. This makes sense.

He's also seeking dictatorial powers, coming for your guns, your gold. Setting up FEMA concentration camps.

Establishing slave labor. He'll take away your food. Caused Hurricane Sandy - using the Pentagon, of course.

And we know his middle name is Hussein. Obama, you know, is in the pocket of the Muslim Brotherhood. Mmm-hmmm. Once aided the Mujahedin in Afghanistan running weapons.

He also killed his Grandmother so he could steal and hide his true birth certificate. ... issued from Kenya, of course. This is a little-known fact.

In addition he's planning a radical overthrow of the United States. His parents were Communists. He's a devotee of Bill Ayres, who's also his ghost writer.

He was a Black Panther, and also he's the son of Malcom X.

. . . To paraphrase the Greek proverb, "Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make go completely stark-staring nuts."

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