Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump Shared Secrets with Russians in Oval Office

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When President Trump met with the Russian Ambassador and another Russian Operative in the Oval Office a few weeks ago, the big story at the time was that the American journalists were not allowed in the room.

But now the story has become something much worse and possibly world-shaking - while the Russians were there, Trump started bragging about U.S. intelligence on ISIS and let something slip that was so Top Secret that many in the government did not know about it, and some networks were told to hold back reporting it. Even more troubling, Trump's blabbing may have gotten the source of the information killed.

Trump sent General McMaster out twice to issue non-denial-denials on the issue, but in the end Trump himself admitted in a tweet that he had blurted out secret information. In 24 hours the story went from denial to acceptance as the norm. But there is nothing normal about this situation.

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