Friday, March 24, 2017

Comey Hearing Connects Trump to Russia

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A hearing on Capitol Hill for FBI Director James Comey connected the Trump Administration to Russian hackers who infiltrated both the DNC and RNC last year during the election, but only used the information to attack the campaigns of Democrats. Comey seems to be trying to redeem himself after his shocking press conference last fall when he mentioned new emails belonging to Hillary Clinton as if she was under investigation, but later admitted they were nothing. Many believe that Comey's actions were a misuse of power to sway an American election, even if he didn't seem to anticipate that he was ruining his own credibility along with the rest of the FBI.

But now it seems that it was Trump and his cronies under investigation since last July for their possible collusion with Russia and Wikileaks in hacking the DNC servers and releasing their emails. This revelation followed Trump's strange accusation that President Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower last year, which Comey disputed. It wasn't Obama, but the FBI which had FISA warrants to listen to Trump Tower because of possible treason going on with Putin.

Maybe Comey can finally do something good for his country by setting in motion the impeachment of President Trump.

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