Monday, July 25, 2016

Trump and the Russian - DNC - Wikileaks Connection

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Some strange things going on between Donald Trump and the Russians, not to mention Wikileaks stirring up trouble for the Dems just before the Philadelphia Convention. Is Putin trying to help Trump get elected? Are Republicans okay with that?

On top of that, Berners are full of poutrage that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC discussed ways to stopping Bernie after he had clearly lost the race for the Democratic Nomination. Oh My God - how dare they be political about politics! At any rate, Wasserman-Schultz is banished from the Philadelphia Convention now, which is probably for the best since she is unpopular. But the way this is coming down goes beyond just partison politics - it's totally strange!

From DefenseOne
On Friday, Wikileaks published 20,000 emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee. They reveal, among other things, thuggish infighting, a push by a top DNC official to use Bernie Sanders’ religious convictions against him in the South, and attempts to strong-arm media outlets. In other words, they reveal the Washington campaign monster for what it is.
But leave aside the purported content of the Wikileaks data dump (to which numerous other outlets have devoted considerable attention) and consider the source. Considerable evidence shows that the Wikileaks dump was an orchestrated act by the Russian government, working through proxies, to undermine Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.
“This has all the hallmarks of tradecraft. The only rationale to release such data from the Russian bulletproof host was to empower one candidate against another. The Cold War is alive and well,” Tom Kellermann, the CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures told Defense One.
. . . The use of Wikileaks as the publishing platform served to legitimize the information dump, which also contains a large amount of personal information related to democratic donors such as social security and credit card numbers. This suggests that Wikileaks didn’t perform a thorough analysis of the documents before they released them, or simply didn’t care.

From Newsweek
Nearly 20,000 internal DNC emails from January 2015 to May 25, 2016, were released Friday by Wikileaks showing messages sent and received from the accounts of Communications Director Luis Miranda; National Finance Director Jordon Kaplan; Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer; Finance Director of Data & Strategic Initiatives Daniel Parrish; Finance Director Allen Zachary; Senior Advisor Andrew Wright; and northern California Finance Director Robert Stowe. One message appears to suggest that Sanders, who drew establishment scorn for staying in the race past the end of the primaries, be questioned about his religious faith in an apparent attempt to hurt his candidacy in several states.
. . . The DNC leak couldn't come at a worse time for the Democratic party. Clinton and the Dems are looking to counter the Republican National Convention and Trump's vision of America as a Mad Max-style hellscape with the selection of Virginia's Kaine and the Democratic National Convention, which starts Monday. The uneasy truce between Clinton and Sanders, brokered with a progressive party platform and an endorsement by the Vermont senator, could reasonably be in jeopardy, and calls will continue for Schultz to be replaced as party chief. But the greatest danger is the leak feeds a narrative that doesn't have to actually be true for it to be damaging.

From Politico
Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook suggested Sunday that internal DNC emails leaked last week were an effort from the Russians to help Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.
“What’s disturbing to us is that experts are telling us Russian state actors broke into the DNC, stole these emails, and other experts are now saying that the Russians are releasing these emails for the purpose of actually of helping Donald Trump,” Mook said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
“I don’t think it’s coincidental that these emails were released on the eve of our convention.”
. . . “This isn’t my assertion — there are a number of experts that are asserting this,” Mook said. “I think we need to get to the bottom of these facts. But that’s what experts are telling us. Experts are telling us it is, in fact, the Russians who hacked these emails.”

From Raw Story
In the days during and after the Republican National Convention last week, questions were raised regarding changes made by the Trump campaign to the Republican Party platform that appeared to be favorable to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.
Trump surrogates and campaign spokesmen have attempted to quash rumors that the Republican nominee is quietly in support of Putin’s regime. The hacker or group of hackers that broke into the DNC servers goes by the name Guccifer 2 and represents itself as a private individual living in Romania.
However, Rich Barger — chief information officer cyber intelligence software firm ThreatConnect — told the Post, “We’ve been looking at this very closely from both the technical and non-technical spheres. Based on our analysis, we strongly feel Guccifer 2 is linked to a Russian information operations campaign and is not the independent Romanian hacker that he claims to be.”


When Coulter is on your side, um...

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