Monday, December 12, 2016

Trump is Putin's Pawn and Puppet

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So the election happened over a month ago now. Trump pulled out a victory by winning states that every single pollster said he wouldn't win. Jill Stein tried to get recounts for shady dealings in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, but the courts overruled everything except Wisconsin, which isn't enough for a Hillary win.

Hillary is leading in the popular vote by almost 3 million, one of the largest margins in history.

A month after the worst election in U.S. history, journalists and pundits are right back to wondering whether:
  • The Election was Stolen by Comey and Russian Hackers
  • Trump is unfit to serve, since he has already insulted China and won't take Intel briefings
  • We are screwed and democracy is over

These are things I've asked myself many times in the aftermath of the storm that was Election 2016.

But let's just go back to the last debate with Hillary Clinton in October, shall we? Trump says quite plainly that "Putin doesn't respect" Hillary Clinton, which is why she should lose. I guess to Trump, having the respect of a similar Narcissistic Dictator type like Putin is important. That's what Trump is aspiring to be, after all.

When Hillary stood up to him and called Trump a puppet of Putin's, Trump started screaming "You're the puppet, You're the puppet.NO Puppet! You're the Puppet!!!" Much fun was made of this on Twitter, and cartoonists had a field day, so it is easy to find examples. And that's a big reason why the news media and GOP cannot just shrug off accusations now that "no one saw" a Russian Connection to Trump before the election.

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