Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Center Cannot Hold ~ Trump Confirmed

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The Electoral College voted to confirm Donald Trump as President. The world didn't end, even though "the falcon cannot hear the falconer" anymore, and the center did not hold.

Trump isn't the only bad President we've had in the United States, and he's certainly not the only President I've been depressed about in my lifetime. Nixon was horrible,and because of Watergate I refused to watch the TV news for about ten years while growing up. Reagan beat out Jimmy Carter and we were stuck with Ronny and Mommy in the White House, yet that almost seems like a golden age to me now. George W. Bush caused havoc in the country by stealing the election from Al Gore, and letting warmongers like Cheney and Rumsfeld drag us into a forever war over oil. Yet we survived and moved into the Age of Obama, the first black President of the United States and a great statesman. We beat the odds for eight years, in spite of everything the "worst of us" could do.

However, Trump is in a category by himself, and we are down the rabbit hole and into the Upside-Down, as they call it in the Netflix series "Stranger Things." Trump is a lunatic, a sex maniac, a racist, and a tax cheat. Clearly he conspired with Putin's Russian hackers, Comey at the FBI, and fake news pushers such as Breitbart to defeat Hillary Clinton. What we see of his corruption is only the tip of the iceberg. If not the Anti-Christ or "rough beast" from Yeats's poem, he is the Demogorgon from Dungeons and Dragons lurking in the dark who has managed to pull us all to the Upside Down.

Still, the world didn't end - not yet, anyway. True that these are dark days for Democrats while the best and brightest among us just want to hibernate and lick our wounds for the next four years. Yet hope still remains. Our party was strong this past year and we made sense to the rest of world. Obama and Hillary are almost universally praised outside of the United States. But we need heroes to step up now so we can survive Trump, and what form they will take in the future is up to God, Fate, and the Wheel of Karma. The falcon may have escaped the falconer and Trump may have escaped the Electoral College, but something else - an eagle, a lightning bolt, the Truth ... something - may keep Trump from completely destroying our country.

President Obama was too good for us, and we'll probably never have a better President. But our country is better than Trump, and maybe - just maybe - even the cowards and toadies in his own party won't let things completely fall apart.

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