Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#Russiagate Speculation Round-Up

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The American people are mostly in the dark about investigations into Trump's Russian connections and the way it influenced the 2016 election. We know the election was hacked, but not all the whys and wherefores about how it was done and why. There are some good guesses out there, but many things are still unclear.

We know that just about everyone in the Trump Administration has some link to Putin or Russia, from Flynn to Manafort to possible spy Carter Page. Even the Trump children are suspect. But will any of them ever pay for being traitors to their country?

Was FBI Director James Comey complicit in helping Trump win the election, or was he an unwitting pawn of Putin? Can his secret investigations and Grand Juries atone in the future for the way he brought up the Hillary Clinton email scandal right before the election?

Luckily for the American people, there are some folks with "sources" as well as journalists who have kept the Russian story at the forefront, making sure it doesn't get lost in the nonsense and noise of the Trump news cycle.

For an excellent detailed overview of the whole "Trump-Russia" mess with important links, this article is a must-read:

Lawfare Blog: Seven Theories about the "Laffaire Russe" and What Could It All Mean?
. . . What should we make of this bizarre constellation of facts? The honest answer for anyone who wishes to avoid speculation is that we don’t know. The facts are potentially consistent with a range of different explanations, some relatively anodyne, some quite alarming. So let’s consider seven different plausible theories of the Russia Connection case—wherein we define “plausible” as broadly consistent with all or most of the known facts. These different theories assign different relative salience to those known facts, link them differently, and make very different assumptions about the many facts that are not known or are claimed but disputed.
As a general matter, we avoid predicting which of these theories is most likely to be the true. We will say, however, that the two most extreme theories we lay out—everything as giant coincidence (Theory #1) and Trump himself as a Russian agent (Theory #7)—seem to us highly improbable. That leaves us with a number of intermediate alternatives that are by no means mutually exclusive and that might operate in conjunction with one another.

Not everyone who studies the Trump-Russia problem is a Carl Bernstein, a Rachel Maddow, or a Dan Rather - but please note that those great journalists as well as many others have not dismissed any speculation as "too far out" to be reported - yet. They all know our government is in dire straits if we don't do something soon. I believe anyone can be a hero in this situation, and anyone who is an enemy of Trump and his Russian-loving traitors is a friend of the American people.

Keith Olbermann covers the speculators towards the end of this video and why they should be given credence:

There's the old saying "A prophet is never respected in their own country," and that's never been more true than at this dangerous time. But I believe when someone is proven correct over and over, maybe they have the real goods on Trump. Please keep your minds open because the truth is already stranger than any spy novel ever written.

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