Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trump Tweets #Covfefe At Midnight

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On the same day it was reported that Trump's lawyers want to screen all his tweets, he made one of his funniest tweet gaffes ever!

Just after midnight, he let loose a strange sentence fragment complaining about press coverage, only the last word was the mysterious "Covfefe." The word trended all night and yet no one from the White House could delete it because Trump apparently fell asleep with his phone (maybe while sitting on the toilet?).

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Twitter immediately exploded with hilarious memes. Note that the word "Rosebud" was also trending at the same time - that is the last word in the film Citizen Kane spoken by the main character, an extremely wealthy but unhappy man who was remembering a sled he left in the snow on his last happy day of childhood. The cryptic parallel was obvious and made by twitter fans over and over.

UPDATE: Donald Trump chose not to explain the next day what he meant by "Covfefe," merely tweeting:

It was the unfortunate Spokesman Sean Spicer who came out for his daily press briefing to suffer questions about the Trump tweet, giving it a note of high seriousness that "Covfefe" did not deserve.

"The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant." ~ Sean Spicer

Hillary Clinton quipped:

And later Hillary tweeted this retort:


Citizen Trump and the new Rosebud


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